Sherlock graphics- 29/∞ (for lestrvde)

 Sherlock: Beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.
John: Yeah, but am I a pretty lady? 

Feeling Shafted? Tips for identifying humeral shaft fragments

(image)I’ve been spending a lot of time lately sitting cross-legged on the floor of my office, refitting long bone shafts. This pastime  generally involves me hunching over a tray like a cranky oracle, brows furrowed, staring suspiciously at the bones for vast amounts of time. Occasionally I’ll spot a match and swiftly grab at seemingly random fragments while uttering an unconscious bark of triumph. And yes, the Spanish colleagues I share my office with are likely concerned about both my sanity and their safety. But I digress. During most osteology quizzes, shaft frags tend to………. Read More

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My husband and I both have a rule about hickeys.

  1. Don’t leave any marks above the collar bone.

We are both very professional people when it comes to our work, so we don’t want to be showing off our personal business like that to potential clients. Well, I’m sitting here at work and my neck was super sore so I looked in the mirror to see if it was bruised and low and behold that little shit left a big ass hickey right on my fucking neck. -_-   So I’ve pinned all my hair to one side to hide it and the minute I get home I’m attacking him and leaving a big ass mark right on his fucking forehead, and I don’t give two shits who see’s it ;) lol   Payback can be fun <3

Okay but wouldn’t it be great if Deadpool were the exact same character, but like, female?

because women never get to be that kind of character: irreverent, crude, humerous, irresponsible, ugly, and egotistical, yet still loved by everyone

X) I believe this is pretty straightforward. Sorry Loki ;P