Wounds hurt so they can’t hurt you again

Completely useless wisdom invented on the spot by yours truly. Improvised wisdoms, yep.

This is for Siltae's birthday! Sorry I couldn't come up with something more interesting, or humerous, or epic that befits your excellent enthusiasm and sense of humour. Thankee for chatting to me over the last year. :'D (Uni is still bulldozing me)

Saara gets beat up so much in WoD. I think it’s fair she received some pure prettiness of butterfly-ness and happiness (as far as my style allows me).

She won’t be alone in the butterfly department for much longer eheheh *waggles eyebrows*.

Saara is © Siltae
Drawing done by me.
Part of the World of Darkness: Cardians roleplaying group.

Sherlock graphics- 29/∞ (for lestrvde)

 Sherlock: Beauty is a construct based entirely on childhood impressions, influences and role models.
John: Yeah, but am I a pretty lady? 

Feeling Shafted? Tips for identifying humeral shaft fragments
Source: http://bit.ly/133lWta

(image)I’ve been spending a lot of time lately sitting cross-legged on the floor of my office, refitting long bone shafts. This pastime  generally involves me hunching over a tray like a cranky oracle, brows furrowed, staring suspiciously at the bones for vast amounts of time. Occasionally I’ll spot a match and swiftly grab at seemingly random fragments while uttering an unconscious bark of triumph. And yes, the Spanish colleagues I share my office with are likely concerned about both my sanity and their safety. But I digress. During most osteology quizzes, shaft frags tend to………. Read More

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X) I believe this is pretty straightforward. Sorry Loki ;P