Hey everyone! As you know, I recently relocated out to the Los Angeles area and bought a car. The savings I brought out here are slowly dwindling and I’m scared of where I might end up if they run out. I’m working pretty hard on getting a job, but until then, my only money coming in is from digital downloads and merch. So if you’re a teen with some cash to spare, please please please help me out (beg yr parents for money). Or if you’re another struggling half-adult without any money to spare, don’t feel bad and keep on pirating my music (it’s totally ok!). You are all my friends, my peers, and (especially right now) my livelihood!

So if you want to buy music go here: www.music.humankitten.com

And if you want to buy merch, just click that nifty link above!

Thank you all so much for your continued support. When I started releasing all these songs, I never expected in a million years to have such a rad and loving fan base. I simply don’t deserve you.