We are not animals. We are the dominant species of the Earth, a fact that does not always bring me joy due to our incapability of looking after both the planet and those who occupy it. However, there are reasons behind us being the dominant species, and those reasons are so important. It’s not simply our opposable thumbs. We have evolved to be aware of our existence, to ponder about the world around us, to have independent thoughts, to be creative and to make choices. We live. We are not bound by instinct, by the ingrained desire for survival or by the need to pass on genes to the next generation.
   Thus lies the fundamental understanding behind asexuals. We do not need to have sex. When taking into account that the necessity to reproduce is not present in humans, sex is only an experience. With birth control, sex is definitely only an experience. And not everyone wants the same experiences. Some people love eating meat and others have opted out of that. Some people go to university and others jump straight into work. What too many people fail to understand is that some people enjoy sex and others don’t. There is nothing wrong with not wanting sex, just as there is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian or not going into higher eduction.
   Being heterosexual and cisgender is considered the norm due to them being more common than their counterparts, with any deviation from this norm unfortunately considered as wrong. Being asexual is also a deviation from the infinite list of norms that society enforces - that we enforce. Why? Because the majority of people enjoy sex. Because we live in a society obsessed with the idea of sex, whether it be love-making or the kinky kind. Because, apparently, sex equals love. People don’t seem to be able to understand that common does not equal correct, that sex is (as I said before) just an experience and that sex and love can be independent of each other. The lack of representation does not help this cause, with the closest to an asexual I have seen on television being someone not asexual at all, but ‘waiting for the right person’.
   If you do not want sex, if you do not enjoy sex, then I hope you can stay strong. I hope you can choose to be happy by making the difficult decision to be true to yourself and go against society’s guidelines. I am sorry if you have ever felt like there was something wrong with you; you are complete and so perfect.

Wonder Woman 35 and the mixed messages I get...

So, I just finished reading Wonder Woman 35 (the last in Brian Azzarello’s run) and I’m very confused.
Wonder Woman states all these great things about love, how we should choose love above all else. How love is compassionate, nurturing and understanding (I’ll get back to this WW hypocrisy later) which is all good a well. Lovely message. I loved that. I loved that she gave First Born “tough love”, I liked that, I’m fine with that. She realizes that First born can’t be reformed. It’s cool, it’s not like he isn’t immortal or anything.

She then goes on to say that she needs Zola. Zola is her link to humanity. Because Gods get lost in god hood they can forget that aspect of life. I loved that she begged to have Zola remain in her family. The fact that she admits she needs someone, she isn’t all powerful.

It’s ironic, that Superman needs a link to humanity (his is in the form of Lois, since The Kents have been killed) and here we have Wonder Woman admitting she needs a link to humanity or she can get lost in her godhood. Now why the hell would you put these two lost people in a relationship together? They have just admitted to not being able to help each other, or being the people they need in their lives. Through these stories they have said that they need someone else in their lives to function!

Now this story happens between Fauxmance 6 and 7. In Fauxmance 7, they (Dumb and Dumber, aka Superman and Wonder Woman) they are flying over suffering people below. The Gods above the humans. Where is their link to humanity? In Fauxmance 4, Wonder Woman asks him why he is Clark Kent. Clearly they need their own separate links to humanity, that they are allowed to associate with.

Now to the hypocrisy of this issue; this whole issue is about Wonder Woman’s compassion and how love should be above all else… Well, stuck on the back of every book this week is how Wonder Woman is pissed off and kicks ass first and asks questions later. What the hell DC Comics? What the hell?! I don’t care if David Finch is the best dang artist since ever (he isn’t btw, all the women he draws look like Kim K) you don’t base a story about Wonder Woman on art, and splash pages. It sucks! Get a good writer in there and get with the program and fix Wonder Woman. Give her her own person to give her humanity. Get her away from Superman. Get him away from her. Give them their own loves to provide humanity. Namely Steve Trebor for Wonder Woman, and Lois Lane for Superman.

The Art Of Love

In striving to perfect the art of love
I hope you do not mistake it for a sexual thing.
For it is more about learning to appreciate each human being,
Striving to impress upon the masses the value of individual
While remembering that we are a collective, universal
Our pain and experience may be relative
But each day living forms string that binds us
There is a dire need for social justice
But not the kind that breeds retribution
The kind that lifts a fallen fellow traveler and clears the clouds of confusion
This may sound cliché
But cliché is okay,
for the comfort of thoughts I propose. I am not the first to dream
Nor will I be the last, as long as humans can stand and think
to walk along the edge but not fall into the abyss.
Then there is time to share my fondest wish
Love for all even those who have caused me pain
That is my art of love, would you like to share it my friend?

-Copyright Joshua Amos Graff 2011


Please, if I’ve ever written something that you cared about, watch this and, if it speaks to you at all, share it — reblog it or blog it, spread it about, get other people to watch it.

It’s a VERY short film. It’s important. And it needs to be seen.

(And thank you to Amanda Palmer, for writing and playing the original, beautiful, piano score.)