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Before he became known as one of the most amazing actors in history, Steve Buscemi was a firefighter for New York’s Engine 55. Upon the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, Buscemi dug out is old gear and volunteered to rescue the trapped and recover the deceased. It’s inspiring to know that a person who could do nothing and take no flack for his choice decided to do everything he could because he knew that there were family members and friends who needed closure, and he knew that the sooner the job was done, the sooner an entire nation could begin to heal. He was skilled and equipped to make it happen, and he also had a caring, genuine, humanitarian heart.

On this anniversary of the attacks, I don’t want to rile everyone up with the “America! F**k, yeah!” attitude. I just want to remind people that, at one time during my lifespan, the citizens of the USA were truly united. Not because of patriotism or politics…but because many were devastated, and the rest had reached such a deep level of empathy that they could be nothing but helpful and supportive of their neighbors. For once in my lifetime, humankind was something to be proud of. Why’d we forget so quickly?


"…(as) an advocate for the poor, the dispossessed, the starving, for people who probably had never seen her radiance on screen and maybe never would…she was still as astonishingly beautiful, still youthful, still committed to her work, still the warm and adorable Audrey Hepburn none of us will ever forget. And the children of the world and the mothers of the world will never forget her either. never forget her compassion, her bravery, her determination to understand, her high hopes, her help." 

Audrey Hepburn (1929- 1993)

Dame Angelina Jolie!


Angelina Jolie can add royal recognition to Hollywood stardom. The Oscar-winning actress has been named an honorary dame — the female version of a knight — by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Jolie, a United Nations special envoy, received the honor on Friday for her work combating sexual violence in war zones.

Because she is not a British or Commonwealth citizen, Jolie won’t be entitled to use the title “dame” before her name. Previous U.S recipients of honorary knighthoods include director Steven Spielberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and former President Ronald Reagan.


My friend had this middle aged woman who kept coming in to see This Is It while it was playing. She would be there at almost every showing during the week. So my friend finally went up and asked her if she was a big fan or what.

Turns out, she had a brain tumor and it wasn’t operable and her doctor had told her that she would likely be blind by the end of that year. So my friend asked her about her relationship with MJ, and she was like, “I’m so glad you asked! You must all think I’m nuts for coming in to see this film everyday. I’m not just here to see him perform, it’s because I met him and I miss him.”

Basically, she said she was a single mother with five children in the late 80s/90s and Michael was her favorite musician. She’d written him a fan letter telling him how much she loved him and explained how much he had helped her feel better even though she wasn’t getting better. She would randomly write him and update him on how she was doing, her family, just like having someone to talk to even if he didn’t respond, and then a few months later she received a letter back from MJ basically saying how much he appreciated her writing/loved her too/and how his thoughts were with her. Then about another 6 months later she received a call from the Jackson camp asking her permission for a visit from Michael. Obviously she said yes, and about a week later she was washing dishes at her home when there was knocking at her door. It startled her and she ran to the front door, and it was Michael asking her to let him in quickly before anyone could see him. They sat and talked for a bit and then there was another knock at the door and it was a delivery guy with a new fridge and groceries for this woman, that MJ had randomly bought for her beforehand. This woman was basically in tears thanking him at this point (and talking about it again), and she would always send him messages and occasionally hear back from him after that.

So this woman explained she was likely going to be blind by the end of the year, but before she did, she wanted to memorize him as he was so she could remember him always because of how much he’d meant to her and her family.

True story. So what may seem crazy to others, may be less crazy in reality. You never know what stories people have.
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MSF was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic death of Dr. Richard Rockefeller, who was killed today in a plane crash. MSF extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to his family. Dr. Rockefeller was instrumental to the founding of MSF in the United States. He served as chair of the Board of Advisors of MSF-USA for 21 years, leveraging his credibility within the philanthropic community to garner the financial support that was so critical to ensuring MSF’s continued financial independence. While leading this advisory committee and visiting MSF programs abroad, including those in Cambodia, Malawi, Niger, Thailand, and Cambodia, Dr. Rockefeller also worked as a field doctor in Peru and in northern Nigeria while a massive meningitis outbreak struck the country in 2009. Read more:

“University of Virginia, how could we have imagined that your grief and ours would be yoked? Bound. Not just by beautiful girls murdered, but by common forensics. We are yoked. We know how you feel.”

“We want to send a cheer tonight to rumble down the mountain. It includes the phrase “2..4..1..” That is Help Save the Next Girl’s motto. It means “I love you 2 much, 4ever, and 1 more time.” Unconditional love. Those were the last words Morgan Harrington spoke to her momma as she pulled out of the driveway to go to a concert. So, now you understand why Coach Beamer wears the “2, 4, 1” Patch on his jacket. Coach could not be here tonight, but you must pretend for a moment that I am Frank Beamer, and so I need your best voices. And so, I am going to ask you to repeat after me: WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH!”




“2, 4, 1, HANNAH!”
“2, 4, 1, HANNAH!”

“2, 4, 1!”
“2, 4, 1!”