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Amazing Hyper-realistic Statues! by Jackie K. Seo - Jamie Salmon

Jackie K. Seo and Jamie Salmon’s hyper realistic sculpture capture every wrinkle, vein, and hair with uncanny realism and attention to detail.

Hyper-Realism, the art of making something look incredibly real and detailed, is a trend that has been sweeping the art world in recent years. From paintings that seem like they were photographed to statues that seem to be seconds away from blinking and coming to immediate life. These next examples belong to the latter category, with incredible statues you will have a hard time believing aren’t real!


Yeah, this video — it needs to be passed around. Everyone look at how careless they are. But I want you to see something else.

Look at the comments on this vine. Look at everyone who — instead of being PISSED OFF that a kid got fucking shot and nobody doing anything about it — are laughing at the way he says “ambulance.”

I want names, I want numbers, and I want workplaces.

I doodled a Kuvira
Tbh it’s really me just looking for an excuse to look at her beautiful face in multiple reference photos