Have some Dannys. One of these pictures you’ve seen before, but it’s colored now. XD SO I posted about this one time forever ago and never explained it but I still think about it a lot so

I want a ‘floaty au’ where everything is the same, but 80% floatier. The reason for this being that Danny’s ghost aura omits enough energy that it automatically makes him, and things in super close proximity to him, like his hair, weightless. When Danny transforms he has an automatic ethereal breeze moving his hair around, and he has a hard time NOT floating (his tears float too jsyk). It can leak into his human half, but only when his emotions become more volatile, so it’s not usually an issue.

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omg i just realised that the way you draw karkat really reminds me of rin from blue exorcist? i really like it xD

thank youu 8’) that’s not intentional but ngl when I first got into HS I used to be very into AnE and he reminded me of him a little too

Anon:If you put horns on your Nico Deangelo… And painted him gray… And gave him a sickle…


apparently everyone can be Karkat if you try hard enough

“I believe I should be a mentor to my child until she grows up and is on her own. As a parent though there are times that I doubt if I’m qualified to do that. Yesterday while my kid was sleeping she asked me, ‘mom, how can I live life well?’ I told her, “live life happily.’ However, that’s not the sort of question I should answer so easily like that. Honestly, I also don’t know the answer. Life as a mother is like being responsible for another me.”

“아이가 독립하기 전까지는 제가 멘토가 되어야할텐데 부모로서 그런 자격을 가지고 있는지 회의가 들 때가 있어요. 어젠 아이가 자면서 “엄마, 어떻게 사는게 잘 사는거에요?” 라고 물어보더라구요. “그건 행복하게 사는거야” 라고 대답해줬는데 그렇게 쉽게 대답할 질문이 아니잖아요. 사실 저도 잘 모르겠거든요. 엄마로서 산다는 건 마치 또 하나의 나를 책임지는 일 같아요.”

GOMxKurko: Bento Making

Summary: Kuroko wants to make a bento box for Aomine, the Kiseki no Sedai decide to pitch in. Warnings for crack, Kise being an idiot, Kuroko being cute in general, and cavity inducing aokuro fluff at the end.

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Hi guys!!How are you? (*ò∀ó*ノノ”チャ☆

Yesterday was Kurokocchi’s birthday! I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart. (/✿ò◡ó*)/ …also please reply my text!! ゚(゚ノДó*゚)゚。

This photo was taken when we met up with Akashicchi! We celebrated Akashicchi and Kurokocchi’s birthday that day since we couldn’t celebrate it together at 12/20 and 1/31 ( *ò∧ó*)ノ

I’ll upload the rest of the photo next time! ( b*ゝ∀ó*)☆