Still working on what I’m gonna do with Ruby & Sapphire, but you can have these bbys for the time being. :)

For Jasper, I made them Samoan with vitiligo for their skin markings. Lapis I would say is more mixed heritage than anything else which is getting more common these days anyways. And while I like people’s indian headcanon for Peridot, I couldn’t resist using the pasty nerd look for her. Those aren’t pimples on her btw, they’re just moles.

Bill doing mundane human things is one of my favorite things in the world, I can totally see him being really bad at taking care of a body and forgetting to eat and sleep all the time.


Selena Gomez | Street Style

Gavin Free: Don’t tap me! We’ve gotta have equal taps! No, no, you’ve tapped me twice, so I need to tap you one more time.

Michael Jones: I’m gonna tap you with my sword next!

Gavin Free: Yeah, but I need to tap you one more time.

Michael Jones: Imma tap you with my sword, next time you hit me.

Jack Pattillo: Stop tapping each other…

Geoff Ramsey: Jesus Christ, just bang and get over with it.

Ray Narvaez, Jr.: If you guys can… please fuck, you’d make a lot of people happy. 

Michael Jones: Fuck yeah! Michael/Gavin!

Geoff Ramsey: You’d make Tumblr so happy.