"…Like that the owner, that no good cousin’a mine, ain’t nothin’ more than a gosh dang con-artist! Fred Jr. stole all’a my ideas and made his own restaurant! Called it the "New and Improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza", and he even had the gall to open it nearby! If we weren’t family, I’d tear him a gosh dang new one-!"

"But… I suppose that ain’t right to throw all’a his employees under the bus…. Chickadee’s gotta killer work out deal, Bon’s pretty good at what he does, and we’ve known Faux ever since we were lil’ cubs just like y’all! My cousin calls him Mangle fer some reason…. I ain’t exactly a fan’a it and I’m sure Faux ain’t either…"

(( here u go have this lisa frank lookin nightmare. i love my toy crew cries. now that they’re added to this au, feel free to send ‘em asks. sorry this is so long! ))