CriedWolves a.k.a Oliver has been a great Inspiration to me even if he doesn’t know it.
a couple months back I was having a hard time coming to terms that I was Genderqueer, and then I found Oliver’s Tumblr Criedwolves. Seeing his brilliance in anything he did was amazing. Female or Male, it didn’t matter, this person was pretty/handsome in anything they wore.
Reading more about them and seeing that I could become more Masculine no matter the odds was just want I needed to come to terms with my gender Identity.

I had to draw him. Thank you Oliver.

I live for those brief encounters with strangers who walk by and look you in the eyes, establishing some sort of fleeting connection between their soul and yours. Maybe it isn’t fleeting, though. Maybe these connections are carried with us throughout our entire lifetime. We may not be dramatically changed by these instances, they may not impact our lives in a grandiose way, but they are beautiful nonetheless.