Love isn’t safe. And whoever you love will hurt you. It’s part of the human experience. No one is perfect…people make mistakes. The secret is to focus on what they do right and decide what quirks you can live with.
—  Kristin Billerbeck, A Billion Reasons Why
The real difference between God and human beings, he thought, was that God cannot stand continuance. No sooner has he created a season of a year, or a time of the day, than he wishes for something quite different, and sweeps it all away. No sooner was one a young man, and happy at that, than the nature of things would rush one into marriage, martyrdom or old age. And human beings cleave to the existing state of things. All their lives they are striving to hold the moment fast….Their art itself is nothing but the attempt to catch by all means the one particular moment, one light, the momentary beauty of one woman or one flower, and make it everlasting.
—  Karen Blixen, Seven Gothic Tales

ブラスター・ブレード・探索者 / 光源の探索者 アルフレッド・エクシヴ
Blaster Blade Seeker
"You are the light. I am the sword that swings its blade to protect that light."
Grade 2 / United Sanctuary - Royal Paladin - Human
Power 9000
Shield 5000
Auto: [Counter Blast 1 Card] When this Unit appears in a Rearguard Circle, if you have a Vanguard with “Seeker” in its card name, you can pay the cost. If you do, choose 1 of your opponent’s Grade 2 or higher Rearguards, Retire it.

Light Source Seeker, Alfred XIV
"He is the light of hope that shines in the depths of despair."
Grade 3 / United Sanctuary - Royal Paladin - Human
Power 11000
Shield N/A
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Legion](20000)[“Blaster Blade”] or [“Blaster Blade Seeker”](If your opponent has a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard, once, this Unit can return 4 cards from your Drop Zone to your Deck, search your Deck for the designated card, and Legion with it.)
Continuous (Vanguard Circle): During your turn, if this Unit is in a “Legion”, for each of your other Units with “Seeker” in their card name, this Unit gains 1000 Power. And, if you have 5 or more Rearguards, this Unit gains 1 Critical.
Activate (Vanguard Circle): [Counter Blast 2 of your Cards with “Seeker” in their card name.] Search your Deck for up to 1 card with “Seeker” in its card name, call it to a Rearguard Circle, then shuffle that Deck.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

本日ご紹介するカードは、9月24日(水)発売の『ネオンメサイア』に収録される「アルフレッド」と「ブラスター・ブレード」によるレギオン! 待望の組み合わせとなる2枚のユニットを、レギオンレアバージョンでお届けしよう!!
「光源の探索者 アルフレッド・エクシヴ」は、史上初の「デュアルレギオン」ユニット! レギオンメイトを2体から選ぶことができる能力だ。状況に応じて、別の能力を発揮するメイトを展開することができるようになっているぞ!
これらの切り札が、いったいスクリーンでどのような活躍を見せるのか……? 劇場公開まで、残り2週間だ!

The cards we’re introducing today are an Alfred and Blaster Blade Legion from “Neon Messiah” which comes out September 24th, 2014! And we’ll introduce you to the Legion Rare versions of the long awaited team-up of these two units!!
"Light Source Seeker, Alfred XIV" is the first ever Dual Legion Unit! That means it has the ability to choose between two Legionmates. Which gives him the ability to bring out whichever mate you need depending on the situation!
If you Legion with “Blaster Blade”, you can retire an opponent’s Unit when it appears in the Vanguard Circle. If you call “Blaster Blade Seeker”, you can Legion Attack for at least 26,000.
When you build your Deck, the balance of how many “Blasters” you include in your Deck is important. Please do all the research you can and need. What will these Trump Cards do on the big screen… …? There’s two weeks until the movie comes out!

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