Disney will release its first cassette tape since 2003 when they release Guardians of the Galaxy’s soundtrack on the dated music format.

Guardians of the Galaxy is 2014’s highest grossing film in the U.S., with over $300 million at the box office, but its soundtrack has been just as popular.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1″ soundtrack will be released on cassette November 17. It’s been released on nearly all other formats previously, including vinyl LP, but now fans can own the popular mix on cassette (assuming you have a cassette player).

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hoistdatredrum said:

It is almost Halloween!!! tell us a story about when you worked in a haunted house!!!

(please keep in mind that we had to scare these people for money, they went into this knowing this, and knowing that if we can’t scare them we have to try and make them laugh or just be really, really mean to them)

one time when I was working in a haunted house this guy freaked out so bad he side kicked me in the solar plexus and I went down like a sack of bricks

one time when I was working in a haunted house i stalked a person through half the maze and breathed lightly on them until they noticed me and watched the dawning realization in their face as they finally understood that I had been there the whole time

one time when I was working in a haunted house the guy didn’t realize he was trapped in the room with me and kept trying to escape and I just leisurely followed him at a walking pace while he screamed and ran in little circles trying to get away (this actually happened a lot, like more than 5 times)

One time a girl intentionally coughed in my face and smugly said “I have strep throat” so I grabbed her and dragged my hands all over her face and said “Me too, and hand AIDS.” (It was off the top of my head don’t judge me)

One time a scene girl came in and … growled at me?? So I dropped the act completely, stood up straight and said, “Really? Are you twelve? Is that like, something you do for attention? You’re pathetic.” because I knew the monster didn’t scare them BUT PEER PRESSURE WOULD (and it did)

one time in the haunted house a guy was walking down the hallway and when he saw me he stopped in his track and I stopped too and we stared at each other for a solid 15 seconds before I slowly started walking forward and he almost tripped over himself trying to get away

one time working in a haunted house these kids kept hassling me so I finally snapped and yelled IF YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN IM RIPPING OUT YOUR ARMS AND BEATING YOU TO DEATH WITH THEM and they got genuinely scared and stopped, then I looked at their mother and got in her face and said “control your goddamn spawn, woman”

a few times (this happened multiple times as well) while working in the haunted house I hovered directly in someone’s shadow and when they turned, I turned with them so I was still at their back, and I would step when they would step, basically keeping in their footsteps, I kept this up for like a solid minute while this person’s friends kept yelling BEHIND YOU OH GOD ITS BEHIND YOU TURN AROUND NO NO NO TURN AROUND IT’S STILL BEHIND YOU IT’S STILL BEHIND YOU!!!!!