Emperor Huizong, Finches and Bamboo, 960-1127 (Song Dynasty), China, ink on silk, 33.7 × 55.4 cm, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:

Huizong was the eighth emperor of the Song dynasty and the most artistically accomplished of his imperial line. Finches and Bamboo exemplifies the realistic style of flower-and-­bird painting practiced at Huizong’s academy. Whether making a study from nature or illustrating a line of poetry, however, the emperor valued capturing the spirit of a subject over literal representation. Here the minutely observed finches are imbued with the vitality of their living counterparts. Drops of lacquer added to the birds’eyes impart a final lifelike touch.


An “In Heaven” scenario that popped into my head. I just always thought a conversation about Seung Nyang between these three would be very intriguing.

Evidently I have problems letting go of this drama.


"Listening to the Qin" by Emperor Huizong (徽宗)

Style: Gongbi

Accompanied by "Gao Shan Liu Shui (High Mountain, Flowing Water)" by Bo Ya

["All the birds have flown up and gone;
    A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
    We never tire of looking at each other -
    Only the mountain and I.” - Li Bai (李白), Alone Looking at the Mountain)


(You already know this is a spoiler)

Seung Nyang’s mother, her father, her friends, her son, her first love, and NOW HIM TOO?!

Edit: Taltal as well.

And that scene was the first time either of them had ever said the words “I love you” to each other.

So much for that happy ending.