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I love the song in this ad :-( Too bad it’s not a real real song. It was recorded specifically for the Canon ad. Aww spent hours Googling pa naman just to find this song.

Dear Chairman,

I am disappointed by your decision to press charges, but I am not surprised. My only hope is that the courts will see the matters differently than you have. You see, I never had the chance to serve in battle, nor did fate provide me the opportunity to sacrifice myself for humanity as it did for so many others in the Great War.

Someone extremely dear to me was lost very early in my life. My mind has always plagued me with the question: if the choice had been placed in my hands, could I have saved her? The memory of her has haunted me my entire life and more so in these last few years than I could ever have imagined. But, given the events of these past few weeks, I feel confident that had I been given the chance, I would have made those sacrifices myself… had I only the chance.

I know that you disagreed with my methods, and that others will as well. This is beyond my control. However, I cannot imagine that any court would be able to convict me, no matter how low their opinion of my actions might be. You must understand one basic fact for all of this to make sense, my dear Chairman. These AI, they all come from somewhere. And while the law has many penalties for the atrocities we inflict on others, there are no punishments for the terrors that we inflict on ourselves.

So you send your men. They won’t find themselves a fight. They’ll only find an old man – and old man, tired, but satisfied he did his duty. An old man weary from a mind more filled with memory than it is with hope.

Sincerely yours,

The former Director of Project Freelancer
Dr. Leonard Church

songs that remind me of a certain time period or memories are always the ones i listen to the most

i don’t know why i like to torture myself like that

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do you ship sekai?

why hello there my first ever anon. i’m sorry if this is long, i never thought i’ll get anon messages, so this excited me more than you could possibly imagine.

sehun is my bias. my bias list changes all the time, but sehun has maintained on the top of it for the longest time which makes him my ultimate bias in exo. and since i like him so much, i kind of ship him with anyone. 

i like the diversities of the dynamics sehun has depending on the person that he’s with. it’s amazing how different he acts around certain people, and it’s not like he’s trying to put on a fake facade, he just genuinely reacts differently when treated differently.

i like hunhan, i like the hyung-dongsaeng relationship between those two, i like how sehun really admires luhan and luhan is reciprocating those feelings. i like taohun, i like that tao probably acts more of a baby than sehun and they’re just so hormonal towards each other, that tao is years younger than luhan and treats him more adolescently. i like sexing, i like how yixing hugs sehun when he’s extremely happy, that he has has this vast amount of happiness he wants to channel out and sehun a willing recipient. i like seho, i like how suho babies him, and he accepts that, he actually acts like a maknae around suho and for the record he rarely acts like one.

and of course i like sekai. i like equality in partnership, and i like that 70% of sekai fics revolve around them being equals. i like reading them as friends which then gradually morphs into something a bit more without them knowing. i like how there’s a hint of rivalry between the two, that sehun’s working on getting out of kai’s shadow and kai’s not even trying to keep him there. i like how comfortable they are with each other without necessarily having a mutual liking on someone/something. there’s probably something about being with someone that is born on the same year as you. it’s  almost natural the need of sticking up to each other. that we experienced life during the same time period and that makes us an altered mirror of ourselves.

tl;dr i ship sekai. not my otp, but i ship it. some of my favourite sehun featured fics are in fact sekai, so yeah. if you want to rec me some sekai fics, go ahead. i like talking about fics. 

and of course, this is my headcanon. none of them are necessarily true. 

Huhuhuuuuu…Porquinhos 1 x 2 SPFC…eh nois…errei o placar mas Ganhamos…huhuhuuuu..Sao Paulo..huhuhuuuuu

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Huhuhuuuuu cancelled😭😭 Dianya ada seminar mendadak… ya Allah galau bangetttt. Untung aja ada cuhubut ini yg setia menemani walaupun gaada diaaa😂😘 with Ksygnku and @raninnnnnn – Read on Path.