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i havent played since that one update

and i went back to the island where you start the game

and you have to offer food to your ‘family’ u kno


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Favorite poem of yours? Why?

Answered that one here

Favorite poem? (on or off tumblr) 

answered that one here

What piece are you least proud of and has anyone read it?

huhhhhhh that’s gonna be the song I don’t talk about or perform ever, Waffles and a White T-Shirt.  You’ve read it and we will never speak of it ever and do me a solid and just don’t read it again. I don’t even feel too good about using that notebook again.  I’m that ashamed.

Which is easier to write: male or female characters?

I think it’s probably equally difficult, actually.  Like, I have trouble writing stereotypically feminine women because I never was that girly, and I also can’t profess to know the experience of being a guy that well.  What I end up doing then is writing women who are emotionally stunted brutes that get treated as one of the guys because that’s the reality I’ve dealt with for most of my life.  Most folks write what they know after all.

Do you have a playlist that you listen to while you write?

I find that bluegrass and zydeco actually help me write for reasons I cannot explain.  I guess it taps into a sort of zen and I just focus better.  I know they’re genres that everyone north of the Mason Dixon Line hates but I guess there’s something in me that it helps.

Have you done NaNoWriMo?

About five times.  Never successfully.  Closest I got was about halfway maybe.  Problem is that November was always careening into exam time for me and so school had to be that bitch in the way of me kicking ass.

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12-What is your eye color? [Left eye is light brown Right eye is Dark Brown like really really dark]

48-Say 10 facts about your room: [it’s cold as fuck, the sun doesn’t get to my roof so I have like damp spots there every winter… it’s big kinda… and it’s my man cave… idk?!]

133-Do you have a crush on anyone? [okay I’ll get this over and done with, yes I did, not anymore]

138-Do you think someone has feelings for you? [No I don’t and please for the love of god, don’t come on anon and tell me you do because it hurts like a bitch and if you don’t even LIVE in England then sorry, don’t even bother]

huhhhhhh troublesome 

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If you don’t mind me asking is there a reason your feeling sad?? Also if this is serious please don’t keep this to yourself talk to someone anyone cuz talking about how you feel is better than bottling up your emotions :)

Just everything in my life. I’m just sad about everything. There’s nothing in my life that makes me happy (except my cat, but she’s gone now) I’ve always been the little “shy” girl, and I just heard on the radio today, if you call your kids shy and other stuff, they think that’s all they’ll ever be. They said talked more about it and that was true because it applied to me. I couldn’t even start to explain. It’s just everything. I don’t like myself, my personality or appearance, and just everythinggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 

So I came back from the BC Lions game awhile ago, and it was really fun cause we won!!!!! Yeah!!!  And during the game, these people would come by and throw mini soft footballs to the stands, and there was a lady sitting beside my dad, and one of the guys hit the lady in the chest. Everybody was like wtf, but then everybody around started to laugh, and so did the lady. It was a good day.