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Witch's Shopping List

In response to this ask…

A shopping list, huh? Thats a cute idea. And I mean that’s tough because it really depends on your budget and what kind of spells and such you’re planning on doing. I’ll make a list with a few sections I guess.

The basics:

  • Candles. Lots of candles. White is the most versatile color since you can use that for anything. 
  • Herbs- I like to have things on hand that I know I’m going to use in cooking, and then finding out what they can do for me magically later. This way it’s easy to add magic to meals, and I’m not wasting money buying things I’ll only use a little of. Generally I’ve got:
    • salt - (enhancing spells, healing, purification)
    • black pepper - (protection, banishing negativity)
    • oregano - (luck, health, protection)
    • rosemary - (protection, healing, memory, love)
    • basil - (protection, love, luck, money)
    • bay - (healing, creativity, wish magick) 
    • thyme - (strength, courage, happiness)
    • cinnamon - (healing, cleansing, money, good luck)
    • nutmeg - (luck, money, prosperity)
    • cloves - (protection, money, purification)
    • turmeric - (happiness, beauty)
    • cumin - (luck)
    • garlic powder - (protection, money)
    • allspice - (healing, attracting money (if burned))
    • tarragon (actually got this specifically for witchcraft, it smells/tastes like licorice kind of. Nasty) - (safe travel)
    • coffee (not technically an herb but oh well) - (healing, protection, energy)
  • Containers. Mason jars are a personal favorite of mine. You can use them as containers for your stuff or decorate them or use them as spells.
  • Embroidery thread. This sounds weird but you can get a pack with like at least 15 different colors for about $5-6 at your local craft store. You can use these to add color correspondences to all sorts of spells.


That’s probably a good start! I know I’ve linked this before also but it’s a really good post and I think it goes well with this topic. It’s about low-budget witchcraft! 

If I think of anything else I’ll add it here but that’s the basics, in my experience. 


it doesn’t matter if it’s not a platformer, if a game lets me jump I will waste ridiculous amounts of time trying to jump on things to see how high I can get

birdboy2000 asked:

For the ship headcanons thing you reblogged, AyuHiyo?

who’s the cuddler: Hiyono.

who makes the bed: Ayumu.

who wakes up first: Mm, Hiyono I think, but she stays in bed with Ayumu as long as she can.

who has the weird taste in music: well if you ask them…

who is more protective: According to canon, both? <3 Hiyono displays it more often but protecting her is one of the easiest ways to motivate Ayumu <3 but he’ll also allow for her to be put into danger sometimes. jerk.

who sings in the shower: Hiyono~

who cries during movies: Hiyono, also canon

who spends the most while out shopping: … Huh. Probably Ayumu because she gets him to pay. And to buy stuff for himself.

who kisses more roughly: I don’t think either of them is rough :x

who is more dominate: Hiyono <3

gets jealous the most: HIYONO gods all of these are canon x’D

one headcanon I have: Hiyono is 100% Ayumu’s Type and that’s what pisses him off the most. Also (SPOILER) as in one of pengie’s fics, Hiyono eventually gets Kiyotaka to legally change her name to “Yuizaki Hiyono”

nicknames: she probably calls him Narumi-san until the end of time. … and now i’m having an Emotion about ayumu referring to her as “narumi-san” when talking to their kid’s teacher WISHFUL THINKING OKAY LET ME DENY CANON FOR A LITTLE WHILE /cries a lot and clings to pengie’s fic

my rating of the ship from 1-10: 10 but also -1000 terrible and illegal

jxxhyvn replied to your post “Oh dear, do you need help?”

(/he shuffles over to take one of the bags from her after tugging the door open and holding it in place with his foot) Went shopping, huh-

I did—! {’ laughs and nods } I have a project with Junhee and I volunteered to do the shopping myself— {’ wrinkles her nose as if it’s dawning on her now that it was a stupid idea } But yeah! You know Junhee right— I have to go to the fifth floor {’ smiles }

I guess not bad for having one of the damn worst days of my life and doing my makeup on the fly outside of the coffee shop, huh? I’m just over pretty much all of it.