Ain’t no games getting played right here
Ain’t no hoes getting saved right here
Nigga talking ‘bout he opened shop, huh?
But ain’t no money getting made right here
From the south to the west make them bow to the best
Burned a bunch of money and I’m digging up the rest
Got a snow bunny and I broke her for a check
One cent short and I'ma choke her on her neck


DAY 45

SITES: Bouglangerie Pichard, Musee D’Orsay, Musee Rodin, Notre Dame, Pantheon

The sun is bright in Paris today, and the early bird (me) woke up at 7am to buy baguettes and croissants for her family from Boulangerie Pichard. I’m saying that to sound like my whole family actually wants that sort of stuff, but the truth is, they didn’t give a rats ass what I bought and instead preferred eating their leftover squished salami sandwich from Florence. Oh well, more for me (catching on now, huh?).

This bake shop was ranked top ten in Paris for their baguettes back in 2009, but their real winner was their croissant in 2011. I don’t know if they won anything recently, but many reviews argue that it is still the best croissant in Paris. Say no more! I ran over to the bakery thinking that there would be a huge line, but Paris seems pretty lazy on a Sunday morning, so I got in and out pretty quickly. Oh they close on Mondays and Tuesdays, so if I didn’t get it today, I wouldn’t get it at all–and that’s just not an option. Holy crap it was SO EFFING GOOD. Baguette was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. BUT THE CROISSANT. I’ve never had something so crispy and flaky on the outside and moist and buttery on the inside. It was perfect the way the flakes crunched and then crumbled in my mouth. That’s why when my mom grabbed the croissant to tear off a piece, destroying all of the flakiness in the process, I screamed “NO!!” so loud I think it startled both her and my dad. Then they proceeded to eat their half melted salami sandwich. Le sigh.

Today was a super packed today, and we WALKED everywhere. For anyone visiting Paris, pick up the museum pass at any of the destinations included in the packet. It’s worth the money and time if you plan on staying two or more days. First we went to Musee Rodin, where we saw many of his famous sculptures, including the The Thinker. The garden was under construction, but it was pretty gorgeous.

Next we went to the beautiful Musee d'Orsay, where we saw many famous paintings by Monet, Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, and more. We pretty much looped around the entire museum once, and by then we were completely confused. The paintings all became a blur, sculptures all looked the same, so it was a sign that we should leave. But that being said, I MUCH prefer this kind of art over the classical ones we saw in Italy. I did think it was really cool to learn about different artistic styles until it got too overwhelming. We stopped by a cafe for lunch, and I had a really good salmon and prawns salad. Too expensive, but I’m not paying.

After lunch, we walked to Notre Dame cathedral, where we got to experience first hand the haunting beauty of gothic architecture. I felt like I was Belle going into the Beast’s castle. Gargoyles on the roof, large and colorful stained glass, high ceilings, and rows of chandelier really add to the grandeur (and Disney-likeness) of this cathedral. We also waited in line to climb to the top to see a panoramic view of Paris, which was nice. On our way out we stopped by a tent in front of the cathedral, where a bread festival was held! To the baguettes?? TO THE BAGUETTES! We got a baguette (sooooo good), and some croissants and other baked goods for breakfast tomorrow.

Last stop was the Pantheon. It was actually a REALLY cool site because it is a church-turned-cemetery, where a lot of famous people’s tombs reside. I saw the tomb of Rousseau, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and even Marie Curie (my hero!)! It was pretty awesome.

Dinner was Chinese food. This is what happens when you travel with super Chinese parents anywhere outside of China. Anyway, it was a pretty packed day and we walked a lot. But it does lighten up the load for tomorrow so we can walk the Louvre in peace!

shamilli0naire asked:

LEAH WHAT TH EHELL I am going through your Flickr photos and stared at that Windows one for a good minute or so before realizing how awesome it is. Are you going to be selling prints or pillows or anything like that like on a society6 shop?

Huh? Thank you but my pics are poo. I also dunno what that is!!!!

so i was wondering to myself
‘what does a apothecary shop look like’

it looks like a candy shop.

@_@ huh. wasnt expecting that! but it’s the same, right down to the counters and display jars…