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Well, I actually explained it a bit, but I guess my reply got eaten. Anyways, these exist supposedly in order to hide the fact that it’s toilet paper. When you keep a roll of spare paper in the restroom (or in the back of your car for long trips).

Hmm that’s rather fascinating. I think the part I struggle with is why you would want to hide spare toilet paper? Surely its one of the more useful products in a bathroom? Especially if you have run out. Then again I say this and we probably have some super weird customs in this country too. 

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Headcanon #4

The Letters from his father, Lei Kung

They started coming in when he was a mere boy. He was 7-years-old when the first came into Zaofu towards his mother, Jia Li.

The letters start off long, full of poetry and his experiences. His departure from the metallic city is due to him finding enlightenment it seems, but his uncle Zhu Li disagrees, calling him a coward and a traitor to the metal clan. Jia Li never heads his words.

The years pass, and Lei has yet to return home. By the time Hong Li is 12, the letters have become more clipped, and more like a speech. But shorter. And Jia Li by this time has become closed off. She doesn’t even speak to her son like she used to when he was young. Every letter since then has a small symbol encased on the papers within each envelope or scroll.

The last letter sent to their home is when the boy turns 16. The letter is as long as the first, but nowhere near as loving. It speaks of a new age coming, a turn for the better and for the end of tyranny. The red symbol haunts his head, for it is the same that makes his mother’s eyes widen in shock.

And perhaps it is the same symbol that causes her to leave Zhaofu unexpectedly the next morning without a trace. It is the same symbol that causes his uncle to become so cold and malice towards Hong Li.

It is the same symbol that scares and infuriates him as he hears of the Red Lotus. It is the same symbol that brainwashed one, and perhaps both, of his parents.

Did you guys know that not dressing like you don’t care about life and smiling attracts more friends than dressing like a slob and not smiling? Huh! The more you know.