A full sketch for my awesome friend, Gruit!

From what I’ve seen, he’s been working incredibly hard to get into college, he’s a great artist and friend, beautiful person, and someone I wish I could support more! A little something-something special for him cause he’s beyond worth it, this being the least I can do!

Love ya’ dude! >w<

Hugging the Signs
  • Aries:will either punch u in the face if u dare touch them or want to hug anyone and everyone there is no in between
  • Taurus:it feels great for the first 1.26 seconds but then it just gets real awkward real fast
  • Gemini:it's always kinda weird n awkward if ur starting the hug but if they hug u first it is the most wonderful thing in the world omg
  • Cancer:u'd hug them if they actually came up for air during their thirty minute rant
  • Leo:life with them is like a perpetual mental hug but sometimes u just wanna punch em for bein a lil shit ... In a loving way
  • Virgo:they are rly good at hugging u verbally but not physically
  • Libra:u sad? U gettin hugged. U happy? U gettin hugged. U find being hugged so often annoying? U gettin hugged.
  • Scorpio:literally every single physical touch is filled with sexual tension idek
  • Sagittarius:feel free to hug them but if they hug u first don't act surprised if it was actually a sneak tickle attack
  • Capricorn:the awkwardness of the hug is far overpowered by the warm feel of them actually deciding to hug u back
  • Aquarius:good luck.
  • Pisces:approach w caution if ur not willing to be hugged for literally 30 minutes straight