Over the past few years, I have traveled to impoverished places, worked with desperate communities, and built relationships with people dealing with unimaginable hardships, but I have never experienced the extreme poverty that affects Las Banderas.  These people don’t have food, water, health care, opportunity for jobs, or even the possibility of sending their children to school so that the next generation can provide a better life.  Please take a moment and checkout Kara’s KickStarter campaign to raise $7500 to build an art studio in Las Banderas out of used plastic bottles!  This project will not only provide financial opportunity for this community, but also a creative outlet for people who need a healthy option for a daily escape!

The way KickStarter works is that if the project does not meet its goal in 30 days, the program will not receive any of the funding!  So, I hope you will take a minute and watch Kara’s video and read about her goals and objectives for this project.  Kara and her organization, Beauty for Ashes Project, are doing amazing work in this community and need all the help and support she can get!  If you are unable to make a donation, please help make a difference in this community by spreading the word and pass this email along to everyone you know!