Ballad Of Fisher's Boarding-House

"Ballad Of Fisher’s Boarding-House"

by Rudyard Kipling

That night, when through the mooring-chains
      The wide-eyed corpse rolled free,
To blunder down by Garden Reach
      And rot at Kedgeree,
The tale the Hughli told the shoal
      The lean shoal told to me.

‘TWAS Fultah Fisher’s boarding-house,
      Where sailor-men reside,
And there were men of all the ports
      From Mississip to Clyde,
And regally they spat and smoked,
      And fearsomely they lied.

They lied about the purple Sea
      That gave them scanty bread,
They lied about the Earth beneath,
      The Heavens overhead,
For they had looked too often on
      Black rum when that was red.

They told their tales of wreck and wrong,
      Of shame and lust and fraud,
They backed their toughest statements with
      The Brimstone of the Lord,
And crackling oaths went to and fro
      Across the fist-banged board.

And there was Hans the blue-eyed Dane,
      Bull-throated, bare of arm,
Who carried on his hairy chest
      The maid Ultruda’s charm—
The little silver crucifix
      That keeps a man from harm.

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skeithwave asked:


The first character I first fell in love with: WAN DIRX.  actually wait no its isca

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: WAN DIRX *cough*montecito*cough*

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: crade talvos should be sent back to the fucking shadow realm where he belongs

The character I love that everyone else hates: i don’t know

The character I used to love but don’t any longer: garrin

The character I would totally smooch: wan dirx

The character I’d want to be like: krell vitor

The character I’d slap: elon hughlis.  with love

A pairing that I love:  krell/wan

A pairing that I despise: brynnso

Peter Cetera is one very hughly unreated bass player. Not only does he lay doen some great lines, he’s a lot of the singing… and his bass don’t drop off at all when they performed live.

New TV Forum post: CBS launching online 24-hour news channel (The Newsroom)

I think this was a fantastic way for CBS news to monetize their top-notch content without a huge output of funds to build a fancy set or hire loads of anchors and such. Utilize what you already have. Whilst I’m not hughly impressed with all of the “decorative” elements of the newsroom set, i like the “down and dirty” feel of it. I’d like to see how it performs during a big breaking story. I wonder if they will simply take the feed from their affiliate (if its a US story)? Currently CBS has a … (Latest post by Mouseboy33)

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