I'm going to attempt to separate some of Team Family's audition stories and what possibly really happened...

Several people on TD, myself included, are theorizing that when Team Family tells their stories during the ASZ audition, they’re going to change specific details in order to look more favorable to the community. It only makes sense that they would want to leave out super gruesome, unfavorable, ‘questionable’ decisions when trying to be accepted into a new community. 

I’m going to try to separate the realities from the auditions here. I feel like every time we see a huge decision being made on screen, we have a shift from reality to audition or vice versa. Naturally, I’m sure that if this theory holds up, I probably missed some. But these are just the few that really stand out to me.

Hopefully it makes some sense…

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Characters from The Hobbit sorted into Hogwarts Houses | Gryffindor


Nancy Fitzgerald (Jus In Bello)

many of the bravest never are known, and get no praise. but that does not lessen their beauty…


I know how I am. I’ve known since the first moment I saw you at that fucking checkpoint.

i think one of the things i genuinely love about april/andy is that even though they married so young (like, april was 21 at the time) and it happened on a whim, seemingly out of nowhere, the show didn’t set their relationship up to fail. and it’s so common for sitcoms especially to fall back on the tired trope that teens and young adults can’t make huge life-altering decisions (and that when they do, it inevitably ends in heartbreak). in television, when an adult questions a younger character’s actions, it’s usually understood that the adult is right to be skeptical. but when leslie does exactly that, the show doesn’t validate her behavior, it immediately calls her out on her bullshit! and she eventually realizes that she’s in the wrong! and even though april and andy face some roadblocks in their marriage at times, you’re never given the impression that they made a mistake or acted too rashly or didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. 


Bellamy and Marcus Parallels

i feel like i’m the only person who really doesn’t want armin to grow up to become a cold and ruthless “evil genius”