Yes, my friend whatshermainfandom is a Gryffindor, and this is actually quite accurate.

Meg and George from Paperman… if they went to Hogwarts… somehow…

These are some questions I always ask myself with characters;

What Pokémon would they have? What Digimon Crest would they have? What kind of Bender would they be? What Hogwarts House would they be in? plus many others thoughts and ideas.

So, I’m not 100% certain George would be in Hufflepuff and Meg in Ravenclaw, but I think it sort of fits.

That broom is too long.

Also, behold my inability to draw feet in perspective!





This is so great!! Slytherin is the best! (but I’ll forever be Ravenclaw.)

does anyone else notice how misinterpreted the houses are?

like why are slytherins refered to as being ‘edgy bad chicks/guys’ and ‘sex gods/goddesses’ when it’s their house, of all four houses, that values traditionalism?

why are hufflepuffs described as relaxed hippies who prefer to chill and eat cookies all day when their house is the one that values hard work?

why do people think ravenclaws are stuck-up and boring bookish nerds when literally the only personality traits you have to possess to be a ravenclaw are creativity, wit, wisdom, acceptance, originality, intelligence and individuality?

why are gryffindors depicted as brash, rude rulebreakers when chivalry is so important to them?

Slytherin Friendships


  • The most deadly combination
  • These are the people who bring down governments
  • And hack extremely secure databases
  • For fun
  • While drinking vodka
  • If a Ravenclaw needs to hide a body they’ll call their Slytherin friend
  • It might take them a while to warm up to each other, but when they do, they’re friends for life
  • LOTS of debates.


  • Oh man
  • Be careful with these ones
  • They make a really good team during physical fights/duels
  • “I hate you” “No you don’t, you love me”
  • Getting drunk together
  • Crazy pranks
  • Sometimes they pretend to hate each other even when they’re actually friends
  • They give each other advice on how to flirt
  • Lots of bickering
  • “You suck” “Love you too”


  • Rare but amazing
  • Slythers help Puffs stand up for themselves
  • Puffs make Slythers admit it when they’re wrong
  • Legitimately best friends
  • Really lowkey friendship
  • They can just sit around eating Chinese food and watching movies without speaking if they need to
  • Silent communication
  • “I’m having a problem with this person” “Okay, I’ll kill them for you” “NO”


  • They understand each other, even when other people don’t get them at all
  • They can spend tons of time together and not get sick of each other
  • Sometimes they watch shows together and get into VERY PASSIONATE ARGUMENTS about ships/characterization
  • They can be a little rude to each other, but they don’t take it personally
  • If you hurt one of them, the other is coming for you with a cheerful smile and very sharp knives
  • Slytherins sometimes try to hide it when they’re hurt, but their Slytherin friends see straight through them
  • They don’t really have to talk in order to comfort each other
  • They can just kind of sit there together and it will make them feel a little better
  • Lots of devious schemes
  • They criticize/veto certain outfits, hairtstyles, and relationship choices for their friend.