Vector: ” I suppose I understand the initial freedom from ones flock. Though to be glad of the undead taking your family from you is.. odd for me to completely understand. So my apologies if this old Half-Breed doesn’t get the point. ” He laughs. ” Though in my day mobs as such were merciless monsters. I hope you understand the difference from eight centuries ago to now. “

Bartender: Don’t get me wrong, I was very upset when it happened. But it was a long time ago and I can’t feel hurt over it any more. In my ageing wisdom I’ve realized that if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be the testificate I am today. I wouldn’t have left that village and joined a new one, I wouldn’t have met new friends who encouraged me to do what I want and not what my parents wanted for me… and I wouldn’t have built the bar. I can’t be distraught about it when there is so much good in my life to be thankful for. 

and its okay. I’m just…weird. Kind of always have been. 

Porter’s Haunted Diary — 5/14

Huebert is being clawsome today! This is why we get along so well - we both enjoy a little harmless mischief-making. The hall moan-itors said I could work off a detention chain by picking up its equal weight in garbage in the creepateria. The more I pick up, the more chains come off. Well, Huebert likes garbage as much as any raccoon, so after I picked up what was already scattered around, he got inside a full can and tossed trash to me. I caught it and tossed it into an empty can. It was so much fun, and totally worked. The chains fell off me, and I got lighter and lighter! In no time, I was feeling my old floaty self and I could move and catch faster as I zipped around the creepateria. Maybe I should join the basketball team.

  • friend:-drawing a sheep, accidentally colors it blue-
  • me:you hear about the white sheep and sometimes you hear about the black sheep but, you never hear about the blue sheep. and here's his story...
  • friend:-makes catchy opening banjo music noises-

Huebert: My parent’s were killed by zombies. Nicest thing a zombie’s done for me. They were both farmers, and wanted me to have a better education and job.

I hated it.

Sometimes, I would see black figures in the distance, carrying blocks. They could do whatever they wanted, and no one would try to stop them.

Endermen gave me hope.

  • Friend:If I don't like something, I count to 18 and if it's still not fixed I make a high pitched sounding noise. Like this.
  • Friend:-makes a high pitched sound and everyone who was talking, stops to stare in confusion-
  • Friend:See, it worked.

Huebert: I have something special to share with you guys today. These are photos that were taken when the bar was being (re-) built.

This was before my signs were put up.

And here’s with them up all nice and neat.

Here are the other signs.

Here’s the inside of my room…

…and the entrance to my brewing room. 

And these are the two areas that are upstairs. I think its a mighty fine building if I do say so myself. Hopefully it will stay up longer then last time.

Mod: Big thanks to shrike from ask enderblock for helping me get these since I can’t run minecraft on my com.