Juniper, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

It wasn’t long after my friends Dan and MacKenzie moved up to Hastings-on-Hudson that I started hearing about Juniper. They raved about this small restaurant in the heart of HoH’s quiet downtown, imploring me to visit so they could share their culinary discovery…


I promised I’d get up there, but my busy travel schedule kept delaying my jaunt up the river. Then Juniper started popping up in the New York Times and garnering accolades across the internet. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. So two months ago, Mac and I chose a date and my trip up the Hudson for brunch was planned. Now, after having eaten at Juniper, just one question lingers in my mind… “Why the hell did I wait so long?!”

Chef and owner Alex Sze oversees everything at Juniper from an open kitchen in the middle of a space that seats maybe 25 people…


The short but diverse brunch menu offers all kinds of American classics with slight European twists. Here’s a look at what we had…

Chilled summer corn soup…


Blew me away. One of my best bites of the summer so far…


Homemade strozzapretti with roasted corn, grilled shrimp and fresh pork sausage…



An then there was their burger… a burger that beats any other I’ve tried in Manhattan!


Made with beef brisket and topped with Gruyere cheese, grilled onions, Bibb lettuce and a mustard aioli…


The texture of the beef, the sear on the burger, the crunch of the Bibb, the smoky, sweetness of the onions, the tang of the mustard…. it all combined for the perfect bite! This was a savory stunner!

As I take my burgers seriously, I do not use the word “best” lightly, but Juniper’s is the best I have eaten in recent memory.

I might not see as much of Mac & Dan since they left the bustle of Manhattan behind for the ‘burbs, but now that I’ve experienced Juniper, I may be spending a little more time up in their neck of the woods!


575 Warburton Ave.

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706