In the Hood 10 comfortable hoodies for him

Layer up for the colder months in this season’s best hooded outwear, including new styles from ASOS, Hudson, ourCaste, Surfside Supply, and more. From zip-ups and drawstring sweatshirts to printed pullovers and cashmere options, shop 10 of the best hoodies from across the web. 

1. Vans Flurry Fleece Hoodie Sweatshirt

2. ourCASTE Duran Hoodie

3. ASOS Hoodie With Printed Hood

4. Hudson Jeans Wrecked Hoodie

5. Carhartt Chase Zip Hoodie

6. ASOS Zip Up Hoodie

7. MARC by MARC JACOBS Leather Hoodie

8. Surfside Supply Quilted Hoodie

9. Vince Breezy Hoodie

10. Vince Colorblock Cashmere Hoody

Which hoodie do you like best?


I was practicing yesterday only to wake up this morning with the end of this scenario missing from my file.  So I left out the script which would have no context without the rest lol but basically they’re playing Spin The Bottle/Truth or Dare to pass the time and on top of that, Annie and May Gunn make a bet wagering a dozen muffins while Hudson cant figure out how he ended up agreeing to play.


Continuing last week’s look at what Japan calls Bomberman 64: Bomberman Park is where all the new stuff is, and at the time was the game’s relatively unique centerpiece. It boils down to being a minigame collection that uses an amusement park-based overworld instead of a simple menu, and unlocking pieces of said overworld (and by extension, more minigames) requires beating the high scores of the games unlocked so far. There’s quite a few, and the quality is pretty consistent; something one wouldn’t necessarily expect from a collection like this.

The minigames themselves have a pretty wide variety, including a Bomberman-themed version of Daruma Otoshi, a Frogger-esque log hopping game, and a straight clone of Buster Bros/Pang. I can’t imagine you’d find any of them terribly hard to figure out, so long as you’re not afraid to press the A or B buttons to figure out what function they serve, if any.

The games are just slightly more complex than your average Game & Watch title, so don’t expect Gran Turismo levels of depth- but do expect fun, if you find Game & Watches fun. If what you’ve seen so far piques your interest, I can assure you that there’s certainly far worse things you could do with your afternoon.