This gif has been the death of me. For some reason this has been the hardest frame of the scene to animate. I’m posting it alone because I’m so happy I’m finally done with it!

But look, I did manage to redecorate Loki’s apartment!

Huldre Folk - beings of Faerie with beautiful fronts, and hollowed or bark-like backs. Huldre girls are exceptionally beautiful, but often with cow’s tails. And so, the Huldre Folk displays only a beautiful front, to hide their true origin. Those creatures we don’t even know we believe in until we hear something behind us in the dark, hear our name called but not with our ears, feel ourselves pulled in a direction without a path. Seen from the front she is a stunningly beautiful, naked female being with long hair; from behind she is hollow like an old tree trunk. In Norway she has a cow’s tail, and in Sweden she may have that of a cow or a fox. In Norway she has often been described as a typical dairymaid, wearing the clothes of a regular farm-girl, although somewhat more dazzling than most girls. The huldra lures men into the forest, rewarding those who satisfy her and often killing those who don’t. She often steals human infants and replaces them with her own ugly huldrebarn (changeling Huldre children). She has long been associated with hunting; she might blow down the barrel of a huntsman’s rifle, causing it never thereafter to miss a shot. Some are not so lucky, or perhaps skilled, and escape her only after surrendering their sanity. Huldra would also sometimes try to marry human men, keeping their identity secret until marriage; only that blessing could rid them of their tails. If mistreated, a huldra would visit terrible vengeance upon her husband.

Steve and Natasha being besties. 

Steve calling Natasha when the frozen-for-almost-a-hudred-years thing is getting him down and Natasha coming over to his apartment and watching movies with him all night (“What do you mean you never saw Frozen?”)

Steve and Natasha going to a concert together and forgetting that they’re sort of famous and putting on ridiculous accents and pretending not to know who “thees Keptin Uh-muuricah and Bleek Weedow” are

natasha crashing on Steve’s couch when things get overwhelming and him finding her there in the morning and not asking how she got in, just making her coffee and waiting around for her to wake up instead of going on a run.

Natasha and Steve working out together

Steve and Natasha laughing really really really hard when they’re on tv together and the reporter asks if they’re together (the next day about 5,000 articles come out about them being in a relationship and steve pins one to his refrigerator and every time natasha comes over and sees it she dies laughing) 

Natasha and steve teaching each other different fighting styles

Natasha and Steve

there’s some comfort in that whatever everyone voted for, we all think the results and negotiations and effects and the current parliamentary situation is very fucked up. no one is happy. everybody are upset about something (except the ones who don’t care). it’s complex and interesting and awakening and engaging. in some ways, i’m very frustrated. in some ways … *whispers* i kinda like it. it’d be nice if it didn’t create even more fragmentation though. we’ll see.

Only 1 away from my first hudred!!!

I is so excited! thanks to everyone for following me I love all of you and i WISH i COULD GIVE YOU PASTRIES AND HUGS


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Ebu Saidi’l-Hudrî radıyallahu anh anlatıyor: “Resulullah aleyhissalatü vesselâm buyurdular ki: “Kur’an ehli (yani onu okuyan, onunla amel eden) Cennete girdiği vakit, kendisine: “Oku ve yüksel!” denilir. O da okur ve yükselir. Her ayet için bir derece verilir. Böylece o bildiği ayetleri sonuna kadar okur (ve her biri için bir derece alır).”