Look how she went from being impressed by his flight suit to being impressed by her son and how much he’s grown. Look at how she’s looks at him and places her hand on his face. And look at hiccup’s face in this scene. For his entire life, Hiccup believed his mother was dead, but here he is, right next to her, feeling a mother’s touch for the first time in his life. And here we have Valka, who carried 20 years of regret of leaving her family behind to protect these dragons, finding out how much alike his son is to her.

I teared up at this scene because it was so intimate and sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. Dreamworks does an amazing goddamn job of portraying and animating these facial expressions, as well as the music that goes with these scenes. *applauds*  

Stoick's Ship (Valka's farewell to Stoick)
  • Stoick's Ship (Valka's farewell to Stoick)
  • Ellie Amaya

*warning! spoilers in case you haven’t seen it yet!* I killed my voice with feels, I’m so so sorry! Please proceed to chase me down with torches and pitchforks! Some reason for a reprise for Valka to tearfully sing “For the Dancing and Dreaming,” oh well I can dream…


My dearest one my darling dear

My mighty one has fallen

The children weep for their protector

The loved ones will be praying

So we part again my love

My darling one

And so the gods above will bless you