8- The truth behind the meatballs 

Please do not repost! Yeah, as always sorry for the late, but, like I say everytime someone asks it to me in the messages, I draw this comic in my “free time”. The works from university have the priority and even I would like draw stalka strips and improve my coloration skills, I have to prepare all the projects for june’s exams. I’m really sorry. But thanks for the patience! Really. I’m really love being part of this wonderful fandom! It continues to make me meet fantastic people, it makes me laught and cry so much. Seriously guys, I love each one of you ççHowever, I hope you like it this strips! There will be another one and the “real” story will begin! It will be very hard draw the 10th and 11th, even because I will be under exams çç. Hope you like ita s always!:DD

anonymous asked:

hey hiccup! hows life on berk? could you tell me a bunch of reasons why you love astrid? thanks!

Where do I begin? Astrid is wonderful in so many ways.

Astrid has been an amazing support to me for so many years. Before we got to know each other, I never thought that she’d be able to be so caring. Astrid is someone whose ear is always ready to listen about my issues, and she encourages me to stand firm and work through anything. She supports my ideas and backs me up when I decide to do something “insane” or “crazy” or even, at times, “stupid.”

At the same time, Astrid doesn’t just blindly follow my ideas. Oh Thor, she doesn’t. She’s an independent mind and she has no qualms telling me when I’m about to do something stupid or when she’s going to do something different. She’ll let me know bluntly that some of my ideas might fall through. I really need that… a lot… and I really appreciate the fact that she’ll step up to take her own lead, or tell me when I shouldn’t do something (even if I sometimes do it anyway).

Another thing I love… and hate… about her is her competitiveness. She is so driven to succeed that she often does. She is athletic and strong and one of the most fearsome Dragon Racers out there. Sometimes I really would prefer if everything wasn’t a competition… but at the same time, I can’t have my girlfriend without having her competitive fierceness. It does make her very successful.

Basically, why I love Astrid is because she’s Astrid. When I was younger I think my crush was just based on how pretty she was, and how great of a dragon fighter she seemed to be. She’s always been such an exemplary example of a Viking! Now, though, I love her for so many more reasons. I love her because she teases me, because she’s so strong, because she’s so brave, because she’s so determined, because she loves dragons, because she’s so caring, because she’s so supportive, because she’s beautiful inside and out.