I made these themes quite a while ago but I completely forgot about them in the midst of school and all that gross stuff. You can edit the themes as much as you want but just remember not to remove the credit, use any of them as bases or redistribute them as your own because that’s just nasty. ily x

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theme #27: everlasting arms

live preview | download

  • sidebar image width is 180px 
  • five links
  • 400px posts

theme #28: the killing moon

live preview | download

  • sidebar image width is 210px 
  • four links
  • 400px posts

theme #29: run run run

live preview | download

  • sidebar image width is 110px (a square image looks best)
  • five hover links
  • 400px posts

theme #30: blue blood

live preview | download

  • sidebar image width is 70px (a square image looks best)
  • five hover links
  • 400px posts


redux edit by- zaynflirt

theme #17-


  • normal links
  • posts are 250px 
  • you can change the background image 
  • includes title
  • posts and sidebar have a white background

live preview // code (wait 5 second, then click “skip ad” in the top right corner)


  • normal links
  • posts are 250px
  • you can change the background image
  • posts and sidebar have a  tranparent background

live preview // code (wait 5 seconds, then click “skip ad” in the top right corner)

if you want some nice backgrounds then click here

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Accidents Theme ♏ 

"Scorpios are massively independent, but also accomplish being known as quite passionate and loyal at the same time. Relationships with Scorpios tend to be complex, and almost anything they do can be classed as extreme, but always in control."

preview | code

six links
infinite scroll
faded post option
optional 3D font effect
show/hide captions
tags on hover
cover/tile background
customizable colors

listen : accidents - arcade fire


this is my first theme !! in a while at least.,., but anyway hi so this is probably so inadequate to everything else here but i tried u gotta give me that ! I expect this community to be mature enough to know that I will be severely upset if anyone steals/redistributes this or removes the credit completely. Of course, edit as much as you want but ! I just ask for your respect. You don’t have to like/reblog but it would be wicked cool if you did. 

[ S T A T I C ]  [ C O D E ]

  • features ~*~~*!!
  • two extra titles for cool quotes or whatever
  • a hover sidebar which reveals a fancy background of your choice and a cute lil’ text box for your desc
  • also a smaller sidebar to match the description
  • pop up navigation !!! or plot or whatever you wanna put there go wild kiddos..„,.,

Theme 12 by edithscrawley: live preview + code

Some info:

  • The posts are 500px.
  • Four header links.
  • You can choose whether to have a grey background or not.
  • The pagination is under the entries.

Rules (important):

  • Don’t remove or edit the credit!
  • Don’t move the credit to another page!
  • Don’t steal!
  • Don’t use as base code!
  • If you do any of these things, I’ll send you ten howlers every day for the rest of this century!

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Feel free to ask if you have any questions, and please let me know if there’s any problems with the theme. Enjoy! :)

Theme  ”Breathe again”

  • sidebar-color {Border}
  • sidebar image {simple effect, monochrome}
  • scrollbar-color
  • 6 extra Links 
  • Background-color
  • one column
  • sidebar Title

+Please do not remove credit.

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if you have problems, feel free to send me an ask

Preview {x} | Code {x}


Go Insane Revamp—Theme 22 by sexualls


original theme post

(static) preview 1 | preview 2

pastebin | freetexthost


  • 1 wide sidebar image (width:300 and height:150)
  • 3 extra links
  • hover description (with scrollbar)
  • sidebar title
  • like and reblog buttons
  • cute pagi
  • plenty color options


  1. do not steal or claim as your own
  2. do not remove/move credit in any way
  3. do not use as a base code
  4. like/reblog if you are using or want to save it


If you have any questions, comments, or you just was to tell me you are using this theme, message me here!

Thank you and enjoy!