Page Pack #1 by Kurtcobangs

About Me Page #1 - Preview // Code
Tags/Navigation Page #1 - Preview // Code
Blogroll Page #1 - Preview // Code 

About Page & Blogroll Page: 4 100px Icons // Tags Page: 3 90px Icons
Optimized for Google Chrome. Made On Screen Resolution of 1366 x 768

All come with 4 custom links or you can add more. All comes with Tooltips, scroll bar and everything is labeled to help you customize yourself. Background Images are 600px in width & 670px in height <- MUST BE THIS SIZE. I got PNG’s for BG & Icons from deviantart. Credits for them go here -> x  x  x   - Icons were colored by me and you can use them for whatever. 

In customizing page, the themes will look odd. Like this for example. No worries, everything will still be in perfect place when you’re actually viewing the page. Same goes for the special font ‘Roboto’ used in the pages. 

Resources can be found here + for color schemes for you to color the pages. Here is where you upload your images to get the url to place in the coding.
Go to my theme blog for any help or malfunctions.

Please like or reblog If you use or/are using.
Keep credit intact on all pages, no using as base or redistributing.

Making A Theme 101
I’ve had a lot of people ask me to teach them to make themes lately. When I started learning I had to google everything, I had to make my own base code etc, it was all very time consuming and annoying, so I thought i’d save you the trouble! This will be for complete beginners, even those of you who have never looked at a code. Hope you find it helpful.

Base code and getting to know your code.

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Theme 6: SPRING

By doctorstwelfth / themesdoctorstwelfth

Preview / code

  • Grid theme with infinite scroll
  • 250px posts on indexpage 
  • 500px posts on permalinkpage
  • all colors customizable 
  • add background image and chose for it to repeat or cover
  • 5 custom links
  • chose inverted tumblr controls if you want


  • like / reblog if using
  • feel freeto edit but don’t claim as your own
  • don’t remove credit!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Would it be possible if you post only update tab from your themes?

Update Tab || by Shufee Themes

A basic update tab from my themes. Lovely anon asked to post only the tab so here it is! Default height is 300px but you can easily adjust it. Colors are also changable. Feel free to ask if you need any help.

» c o d e «

✓ Paste the css part of the code above {CustomCSS}</style></head><body>
✓ Then paste the html part of the code under {CustomCSS}</style></head><body>
✓ Type your own text in the html part
✓ Change colors, fonts etc in css part (optional ofc)
✓ Enjoy :)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  • Do not redestribute, claim as your own, remove the credit, use as a base
  • Edit how much you want but DO NOT remove the credit
  • Like / reblog if planning on using, please <3

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specifiedhelper guide: using any font you want without having to code in html

all the fonts you use in your graphics that are so lovely? all the ones you get from dafont? you can use every single one of them in your themes without having to use any specific code ever. I know that sounds like something that would be horribly hard but its the simplest thing every okay, just go under the readmore to learn how.

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Theme One - “Style”

This is going to be my first theme here, since I have since deleted my originally posted themes cause they kind of sucked! So this will be aboutroleplaying’s first theme, called Style!

Theme Features

  • 3 sidebar images (option for circle or square images), each is 105x105 px
  • 5 customizable links
  • 500px posts
  • This is a fairly simply theme, should be easy to customize and install!


  • Like/Reblog if using
  • Don’t claim as your own, redistribute or repost.
  • Don’t remove the credit.
  • Don’t use as a base. 


Download Here

Сказка про Иванушку дурачка и программирование на высокоуровневых языках.

Жил был Иванушка. Была у Иванушки мечта - научиться программировать.

В институте я учил С++, ну как учил, пока учился - делал вид. Позднее были неловкие попытки изучить javascript, возвращался к C++, но всё безуспешно. Начиная с прошлого года засел над C#, прослушал несколько уроков, немного почитал, вроде даже написал свою программку (в visual studio на самом деле можно и без знания синтаксиса что-то собрать). В общем тоже не сложилось.

В конце прошлого года чёрт занёс меня в книжный, хотел прикупить что-то по системному администрированию. На It полках мне встретилась книга Марка Саммерфильда “Программирование на языке Go”. Во-первых привлекло то, что язык разработан и поддерживается программистами Google. Во-вторых цена, она была в два раза выше чем учебник по тому же C#. Купить я её не купил, решил поддержать пиратов, скачал в электронном виде. Достоинств у языка полно, недостатков (по мнению экспертов комментаторов) тоже хватает. Заметил, кстати, что сейчас на хабрахабр всё больше упоминаний Go, а C# ушло на задний план (последнее время даже совсем ушло). Изучение даётся мне тяжело(потому что лентяй), но, после всех этих попыток, понимание приходит бестрее. Тем более у меня есть “цель”: успеть изучить язык до ноября и посетить dotGo в Париже.

Вот и сказочке…продолжение следует…

The Web is packed with some of the most amazing, inspiring, and downright cool projects that you’ll ever see. And thanks to the fantastic web design community

hey guys, a while ago i found a little html code that you put in towards then end of your theme and it made it so your posts all fit to your blog, instead of having them get cut off if they’re too large. i can’t find it in my tags now, anyone know what im talking about?

Should Designers Do More Than Design?

I see a lot of posts online with headlines like “should designers animate?” or “should designers code?” or “should designers raise cattle?” 

So… should you?

"Should" implies some sort of moral obligation, or that you’re not a "real" designer if you don’t.

Fuck “should”.

This is a classic case of the No True Scotsman Fallacy

In other words, there is no such thing as a “real” designer. All you have to do to be a designer is… wait for it… design.

Crazy, right?


I know a little bit of code. Just a bit. And enough CSS and HTML to get myself into trouble. I even coded some of my old Flash interfaces. But I also work with some of the best coders in the world, so I am happier (and so are they) when I don’t get too far into it.

But that’s just my choice. And I never introduce myself as a designer that codes. That’s disrespectful to people who are good at coding, in my opinion.

On the other hand, I go deeper into the psychological aspects of UX than a typical designer might.

And that’s fine. For me. 

You might prefer a different combination of design skills.

You “should” do the parts of design that interest you, or that you can get paid for.


In the beginning of your career, be as broad as you can. Once you can do a little of everything, focus your time on the parts that fit you best.

It’s always a good thing to learn to code, whether you’re a designer or not.

It’s always great to pick up new skills like animation or video, whether you’re a designer or not.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t.

If you want a job at a place that requires those skills, then maybe you should, but it is usually half-baked when people say “you have to code if you want a job as a designer”.

You’re more valuable if you can code. But you don’t have to learn to code any more than a coder “should” learn to design.


The irony here — or perhaps hypocrisy — is that you probably will learn some code. And some animation. And some of many other skills, as long as you are open to them.


I have met some designers with 2 or 3 years of experience who say “oh I don’t do icons” as if they have grown past it or it is some sort of speciality they aren’t part of. That’s ridiculous.

Try coding. Even if it’s just HTML and CSS. 

Try animating. Even if it’s just in a Keynote presentation.

Not because you should. Because it’s fun.

You should also try raising cattle. Good times!


This blog contains many lessons about UX.

If you want to be a UX designer, you should spend your time in those areas, because that’s what a UX designer does all day.

That’s what UX is.

Without those skills, you are less of a UX designer than you could be. But not less of a UI designer. Not less of a graphic designer. Or a fashion designer. Or an interior designer. Or a packaging designer. Or an industrial designer.

Be a good designer first. Then keep going.