Finally. My phone can rotate automatically… It’ve been failed to work for 4 months already… And i still have no idea what makes the phone 📱not able to rotate automatically… But I’m glad it’s working now… LOL 😂

Btw, it’s HTC One S….

HTC Mengumumkan Telefon 64-bit Android Pertama Di Dunia

HTC Mengumumkan Telefon 64-bit Android Pertama Di Dunia

HTC, melalui laporan The Next Web mengumumkan rancangan untuk memperkenalkan apa yang didakwa pengeluar itu telefon pintar Android pertama dunia yang dilengkapi pemproses octa core 64 bit di Berlin minggu hadapan.

Dibawah portfolio keluarga Desire mereka, iaitu HTC Desire 510. Peranti ini menggunakan cip pemprosesan Snapdragon 410, sekaligus membawakan beberapa ciri-ciri menarik bersama-sama…

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Google’s upcoming Nexus 9 to launch soon

Google’s upcoming Nexus 9 to launch soon

The high-end Nexus 9 tablet HTC is said to be making for Google this year is one step closer to launch, as documents found on Wi-Fi Alliance, the wireless certification site, have confirmed that such a device actually exists.

A Wi-Fi Alliance document reveals that HTC0P8210000 tablet (and variations of it including0P8220000 and0P8230000) will come with Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac support, HTC Source reports

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Phone Issues
  • <b></b> Been having issues with my phone and had to have a total wipe and reset, luckily my photos and contacts were backed up with Google but everything else was not do to an SD card malfunctioning. Is it sad the thing i was most happiest to recover was my Waze acct. Hey, I drive alot of miles and have a shield and a sword!<p>
Tegra K1 ‘Denver’ 64-bit processor for Android devices announced

NVIDIA on Monday unveiled its Tegra K1 “Denver” processor, which the company says it’ll be the “first 64-bit ARM processor for Android.” Interestingly, the HTC-made Google Nexus 9 has been rumored for quite a while to come with a NVIDIA Tegra 64-big processor on board, and the K1 “Denver” may be exactly that processor.

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