Wow! Hello new followers! I’m not sure where you all came from, but it’s such a pleasure to meet so many new people! Now, it’s one of my favourite things to say hello publicly, so it’s very nice to meet you iowawomensarchives, hdslibrary, jacobwdillow, aspiringacademia, camthewhale, ensnaring-birdcages, osurarebooks, anothermormonwoman, @michi-no-aoi-neko, uorinstagram, beckerrarebooks, hspdigitallibrary, medzero1, ethereal-pyrrhic, eyeronicplatonic, sheepunderthemountain, @separatioleprosorum, and cathartic-musing. You have some truly lovely blogs! 

Optional ice-breaker question: What is your favourite book?

hspgirl said:

Not really a question, just a response to the questions. The whole Jamie kissing Laoghaire is explained very nicely by DG in Outlander particularly when Jamie tells Claire about why he was a 23 year old virgin.

yes but not everyone has read the books - hence the explanations :)

anonymous said:

Hello! I love Show Pony, and I was wondering if you had any headcanons about him? :3

Me too! Yeah, I have a few. I was wondering how Pony and Dr. D make any money, so I figured Pony could deliver mail throughout the parts of Zone One he can reach on his rollerskates. He calls it the “Pony Express,” haha. He’s been with Dr. D for years and is extremely loyal to him, and teaches him spiritual methods to help deal with his PTSD from being in the Helium Wars. He’s flamboyant and comfortable with his identity, but can be serious if necessary. He’s also a loveable, fun-loving guy who loves sweets and soda but takes “maintaining his figure” seriously. Basically, he’s just a cute little guy.