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💟#Zakkarochi #hrsh #chillout #party #balagan 30.04.14 (в Балаган в Старом Городе)

anonymous said:

"#i know we all saw that selfie so i mean...#it'd be a short leg" 👀 what are you tryna say shakeel? don't hrsh my buzz 😒

no tea, no shade 🍵. i’m just saying…we don’t gotta guess ‘cause we saw it and the foreskin was rolled back so it’s not like it was flaccid. and even if that wasn’t him, bulge has nothing to do with dick size, it’s the size of your balls determining how far your dick protrudes while it’s hanging over them #funfact. so maybe harry’s balls just look like large grade A eggs 👀 although everyone bulges in jeans that tight unless you’re deliberately tucking your dick outta the way so idk.

1969, Hudson River State Hospital. A love letter from an ex-patient to current patient- they got engaged to while both at Central Group. The letter was intercepted, as the patient could not leave the hospital, due to having caught on fire while smoking a cigarette and was found wandering naked outside with 20% of her body badly burned. #HRSH