The Last of Us Conundrum

The Last of Us comes out on Friday.

I want the Survival Edition. I am in Singapore.

It’s sold out on Amazon and GameStop. So I can’t have it sent to a buddy to bring over. Do I wait and hope it gets restocked and play it late? Or do I borrow a friend’s copy to play immediately? Or do I buy a US edition from a store and have it shipped over in 1-3 days, then buy the art book and soundtrack separate (and miss out on the preorder bonuses and all)? Or do I just buy the digital version (and get the art book separate) and miss out on having it on my shelf but have it day one?


so today i finished my planned revision material (more like learning them for the very first time but that’s irrelevant) BEFORE MIDNIGHT (it’s 9 pm rn) and fuck everything i actually feel guilty for taking a goddamn break

what i’m saying is my personal tutor’s words are haunting me and i really want to just finish all of my material first before attempting any questions ok and i just hate practice writing exam essays it freaks me out asjldhajg