I’m very cold and grumpy and overstimulated (sensory overload is imminent - too much sound and wind and such) and exhausted. I am in a really bad mood now and to add to it all my tent keeps collapsing so I can’t take refuge there and the only other good place to sleep is occupied.

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I wrote this long-ass counter-rant, but I saved it privately and will probably just delete it. I don’t want to get into a pissing contest with anyone. <3

Hrmmmm…. respectful and considerate curmudgeonliness…what is this world coming to…  -};)

The truth is, (despite that ridiculous advert saying there are two) there is an old Irish [triad] proverb that I like to try to keep in mind, “There are three sides to every story, yours, theirs and the Truth.”

<3 always

I don’t think….. I liked that update very much

Regardless of intentions or what’s going to happen next, it just seems unnecessary to drag one of the bitterest sources of fandom contention into canon? It’s made people sad and that makes me sad and I want to be able to enjoy all this trickster nonsense without it being overlaid with some possibly-misguided sociopolitical statement. This isn’t like people throwing hissy fits and threatening to LEAVE HOMESTUCK FOREVER because of tricksters being canon, this is a real issue that people are emotionally invested in for reasons way outside of fandom. That was funny, this is just…. uncomfortable to an extent which remains to be seen

Leo, I Like You

                “I like you.”

                Taekwoon’s eyes widen slightly into that cute surprised face you adore. Then he stares at you silently, taking in every miniscule detail. Finally, his mouth arches gracefully into a serene smile.  He pauses, purses his lips and looks down to the floor. You can tell he’s trying to put together what he wants to say.

                “Me too.”

                The sound is soft and quiet and sweet. You blink up at him in surprise, not fully comprehending those two short words. He continues smiling at you with those beautiful lips and those bright eyes. He looks uncertain, wondering if his reply is enough to convey his own feelings. Deciding that perhaps it isn’t, he slowly reaches out a pale, long-fingered hand and grasps your own.

                You’re startled firstly by how warm it is and secondly by how big and masculine it is compared to your own. You stare down at your clasped hands in wonder – something about your two drastically different hands holding each other looks so right. He leaves them there between the two of you – maybe he thinks so too. Your gaze travels back towards his face and you note that his smile seems to have grown wider.

                “I like you too.”

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Insomnia and I never go forward 
in time together. We only go back 
and I promise you by the end of it 
all I haven’t aged a day in my life. 

I am still a child, 
exercising my one 
unclipped lung. 
Lacing my loose,
airy screams between 
the letters in your 
name until it sounds 
just like my own. 

The sun explodes 
through the unadorned  
window & the rays are  
still so violently bright 
it blinds me from being 
able to see my own 
tired skin. 

I am anchored in 
your orchards 
of unkempt bliss.  
After all this time
the rain still sticks 
to your shoulders
like a village 
in bloom. 

You belong to this
world just as the rainwater
does. & your breaths fill
the earth with the food
the plants need to survive.   

Everyday you wake 
there is life & you shake
everyday with absolute

Your body is a compass
that was never good at
direction. Always reading
the wrong polarities.  

You are touch-and-go. 
You do everything by feel.
& in doing so you wipe
your heart on everything.

I am nervous knowing that not 
all storms are hellbent on 
destruction, but rebirth & you 
are still the prettiest disaster I 
have ever seen in this ageless 
void of time. 

now I’m kind of upset because I found out that when multiple people who get periods live together, there is an ALPHA CYCLE that they all eventually conform to and I need to know if I have the alpha cycle

except there is no way I could find that out, I’m already synced with my mom and sister and if I move in with other people I can’t just ask them to track their periods and give me the information,,

So since I’m still awake and I’m now thinking about the class I signed up for that got cancelled… I need to take a different class in its place! So. Should I take Intro to Comics, Intro to Illustration, or 3D Animation (assuming that there’s still room in any of these classes? I might have to rearrange my whole fucking schedule now)?????

I meant to post this yesterday, but I was too tired and someone on my dash reminded me so here~ Happy valentines day (a bit late), and I in honour of this lovely holiday I am trying to love myself as much as I love all of you. I do dislike my squishy curves sometimes and wish I looked a bit more androgynous, but sometimes I think they’re just dandy. *blows kisses before hiding beneath the bed*