Prompt: Germany used to be Hesse, not HRE. He was, however, HRE’s brother, and looked a lot like him (think like America and Canada.) Hesse was, like his brother, in love with Italy, but knew that Italy loved HRE and not him…so he resigned himself to always watch Italy quietly and never get to be with him. Until HRE dies, that is. Hesse is heartbroken over the loss of his brother and knows Italy is too, but can’t bring himself to approach Italy and comfort him. Years pass, Hesse eventually grows up into Germany and meets Italy again after all those years…and Italy mistakenly thinks Germany is HRE, reborn or somehow survived the fall of the empire. Germany realizes this and has to choose: does he pretend to be HRE to be with Italy at last, or does he tell Italy the truth, knowing that Italy might not love him then?

Bonus: Hesse pretended to be HRE (wearing his clothes and so forth) at least once in his childhood to talk to Italy.