Resources For Harry/Voldemort and Tom/Harry Shippers


For those of you into the slash (yaoi, homosexual) pairing of Lord Voldemort (or Tom Riddle) and Harry Potter, especially those of you who are new to the pairing or have trouble finding HPLV slash content; this post is for you!~

Contents of this Post

  • How to find Harry/Voldemort or Harry/Tom content online. (Common and uncommon terms for these ships.)
  • The Best Places To Go For Loads of HPLV and/or HPTR   ….and some shameless self-promoting.
  • The Most Well-Known and Skilled HPLV and HPTR Fanfic Authors and Artists
  • About Our Official Harrymort FB Group (and website) — what makes us unique from your typical pairing groups.~


There are several terms people use for the Harry/Voldemort pairing. The most common are:

  • Harrymort
  • HPLV or LVHP
  • Voldemort/Harry or Harry/Voldemort

A few other, more uncommon terms people use are: Pottermort, HPLVTMR, Voldepotter, Voldeharry — however it’s pretty uncommon for these to be used (you’ll still occasionally see stuff tagged with this, though).

We also have the Tom Riddle / Harry Potter pairing, however those of us into either or both of these pairings often view the pairings as two completely separate ships — so if you want the stereotypical handsome young Tom slashed with Harry, it’s better not to search for 'Voldemort/Harry' (the term used for Voldemort, in his lovely, hairless, serpentine form). 

These are the terms used For Tom Riddle / Harry Potter slash:

  • Tomarry
  • TRHP or HPTR
  • Tom/Harry or Harry/Tom (Tom Riddle/Harry Potter)

I have also seen a couple people use the terms “Piddle” and “Rotter” (However, for obvious reasons, these are not popularly used outside of describing what your dog did on the livingroom floor.)

~Places you can go to find loads of Voldemort/Harry content:~

That’s all for now, but I can try and make an even larger post of this kind if there is a demand for it. I’m always happy if I can help fellow Harrymort shippers out, as I’ve been into this pairing for almost 15 years now (as long as it’s existed) and am very familiar with everything out there.~

I also do fanfiction of my own, under the name LordVoldemort777 on FFnet and LordVoldemort on AO3 (however most of my works are not posted publicly - you have a much better chance of seeing my stuff if you are a friend of mine on Facebook or a member of our Harrymort FB group).

As well, I do cosplaying and roleplaying as Lord Voldemort (you can find my stuff over on DeviantArt, however I don’t have much of it up there).

Like with my fanfiction, you can find most of my stuff over on my personal Facebook account, as I feel more comfortable posting somewhere that is friends only. Feel free to send me a friend request if you’d like access to view my content, but just make sure you send me a message with your request, telling me how you found me, why you’d like to add me and, perhaps, let me know a little bit about yourself. It’s highly unlikely that I will refuse your request if you do this. ^_^

My fiancee also cosplays (as Harry  so together we make a real life version of Harrymort~). He also creates amazing Harrymort artwork, which I post on my FB and occasionally in the Harrymort FB group, now and then.

~The Most Well Known Authors & Artists for the HPLV/HPTR Fandom~

The following individuals are all well known in the HPLV fandom. What you will find here is the best of the best, when it comes to artwork and fanfiction. If you’ve made this list - you are considered Legend in this fandom. (Note: These are not my own recommendations - however I do link to my Recs in this post. Some of my favorite authors and artists are in here, however, and I have marked them with asterisks**.)


  1. Flayu (creates both HPLV and HPTR artwork, however sadly, a lot of her work is no longer available because of the ungrateful people who kept stealing it and posting it against her wishes. Thanks, guys… Respect the great people who make content for us!)**
  2. Wasserspiegel (both HPLV and HPTR artwork)**
  3. Just1414 (HPLV)**
  4. Misstress-D (HPLV)
  5. Sadademort (HPLV)** (Sadly, a lot of her LVHP work is no longer available.)
  6. Ansketil (HPLV)**
  7. Fultnamn (HPLV)**

A most honorable mention goes to YumeNoTsuzuki and Possim - however, their artwork is normally only ever available for viewing within our Harrymort FB Group, so if you aren’t a member, you are not able to fully witness the awesome LVHP-related talent and skill of these lovely people.~

Because their HPLV work is only available on our group, I’ve simply linked to their pages to you can check out other stuff related to them, if you wish.

~Fanfiction Authors~

I had to get some help from fellow members of the Harrymort FB Group, when it comes to authors of HPTR or non-serpentine Voldemort/Harry fanfic authors, because I never read any of these fics. If you see stars on here, you can be guaranteed that these authors write HPLV with a serpentine Voldemort (non-altered body).

(I only ever read HPLV fanfiction with Voldemort in all his serpentine glory. So, if you like that kind of thing, too, check out my Recs - you won’t be disappointed.~)

  1. LadyOfLilacs (writes HPLV fanfiction)**
  2. IsisLestrange (HPLV)**
  3. SkeletalChild (HPLV)**
  4. brainstorm1001 (HPLV) (**For their fic ‘Mirrored)
  5. Paimpoint (HPLV)
  6. AislingSiobhan (Both HPLV and HPTR)
  7. Meikouhaikitsune (HPLV)**
  8. Cheryl Bites (HPLV) (**For their fic ‘Death In Love)
  9. underxmyxumbrella (HPTR and LVHP)
  10. Jade_Tatsu (both HPLV and HPTR)
  11. Athey (HPLV) 
  12. FirePhoenix8 (HPLV / HPTR)
  13. Epic_Solemnity (HPLV / HPTR)
  14. Dark Cyan Star (HPLV / HPTR)

Alas, I know I’ve missed some amazing people, but now I am strapped for time. Perhaps, if there’s a demand for it, I can create a massive list of everyone out there with a good reputation for their LVHP or HPTR fics.


About Our Harrymort Facebook Group (and community in general)  (If you want to join, please be sure to read the rules!)

Like I mentioned above, we are the largest and most active Voldemort/Harry and Tom/Harry community on the net, receiving new posts and content daily.

We have some of the most skilled and gifted fanfiction authors, artists, roleplayers and cosplayers found in the LVHP and HPTR fandoms in our group.

We have a live chatroom with optional audio/video capabilities, giveaway contests, snail mail exchanges, forums, file sharing, weekly fanfic prompts, polls and much more.~

We hold fanfiction and art lessons, from time to time, and offer various other forms of help, constructive criticism, fanfic BETA-ing and advice for anyone (artists, writers, cosplayers, roleplayers, etc.) who wish to better themselves.

Our members frequently share their own HPLV (or HPTR) fanfiction, artwork or cosplays in the group, so we have HPLV content that you will not find anywhere else online.

Members of the group are also allowed to make art, fanfic or cosplay requests. Many of us are more than happy to fill requests. 

We have a special off-topic area for our members to discuss and share anything they wish that is outside of the fandom, anywhere from just sharing some random photos they took at a convention, crafts they made, right down to seeking counselling or support for serious psych issues (we have a few members who work in medicine who are glad to offer an ear or advice/resources, as we know a lot of people who are drawn to this pairing tend to have had hard times and find the pairing to be an escape from this).

We are a very close-knit community — several of our members have actually ended up meeting each other offline, after some time (I met my fiancee, who now lives with me, through this pairing and with the help of being in the group together) and many of us phone, text and snail-mail each other. However, as close-knit as we are — we are still very open and welcoming to new members. ^_^

We hope to see you there!~

~Vee (Morokei777 on Tumblr)


Tomarry Prompt

So I think it would be a really cool AU if….

Prompt: Harry is a muggle, but his twin, James, is a muggleborn. When James becomes bed ridden, he gives Harry the chance to see Hogwarts by pretending to be him. But how long can Harry get by until someone notices something’s up? It’s only a matter of time, especially when he keeps bumping into the notorious genius, Tom Riddle.

And like Tom could be all suspicious and fascinated with “James” and his sudden change in behavior and how he always “loses” or “forgets” his wand when he’s called up to demonstrate magic 

And maybe one of James’ friends could be in on it so it at least looks like Harry is performing magic some of the time

And like Harry, when he is eventually found out, could be the one to change Tom’s views on muggles

And omg guys the possibilities are endless someone should totally do it- like Harry’s entire past could change, or it could be very similar. This could pass as a one-shot or a lengthy story. 

Seriously, someone please do this! Also, if you do, tell me so I can read it! I might do it, but I have like a shit ton of ideas for Tomarry that I may or may not eventually get to

My Harry Potter: Harry/Voldemort or Harry Potter/Tom Marvolo Riddle Fanfiction Recs

I’ll keep updating this list as I find new favorites.

Ordered in overarching categories, and sometimes in sub-categories.

I sometimes put spoilers in those personal notes, because they’re for my own reread/recognition purposes. So if you don’t want to be spoiled about the story, skip over the crossed out lines.

These are only some of my Harry Potter fanfiction recs—the ones for the pairing Harry Potter/Voldemort or Harry Potter/Tom Marvolo Riddle. Check my giant list of rec lists (linked on the sidebar) for my other Harry Potter recs.

Canon Divergent

— Pre-Hogwarts Divergence —

To The Waters and the Wild by Paimpont

While flying back from Godric’s Hollow, Hagrid accidentally drops baby Harry over a wild forest. Harry is raised by rebel fairies until his Hogwarts letter arrives. The Dark Lord is in for a surprise…

WIP. ~62,000 words.

Personal Note: THIS STORY IS HILARIOUS. Just read it. I re-read it often, it’s just the best.

Riddled by Killing Curse Eyes

On a class trip to London Harriet Lily Potter found a little black book lying on the ground, and suddenly, destiny shifted.

WIP. ~88,000 words.

Personal Note: Fem!Harry who is awesome (and goes by Harry most of the time) and Diary!Tom who’s great.

Death of Today by Epic Solemnity

Raised in a Muggle orphanage, Harry arrives at Hogwarts a bitter boy. Unusually intelligent, he’s recruited by the Unspeakables and the Death Eaters at a young age. As he grows older, he constantly has to struggle to keep his footing around a manipulative and bored Dark Lord, who fancies mind games and intellectual entertainment.

Complete. ~500,000 words.

Personal Note: Author is working on a re-write, but it’s amazing without it. A definite epic journey.

The Art of Hidden Personas by whitedwarf

Harry grows up relying on only himself until his adoption, when he is taught the manners and politics of high pureblood circles. Masking his dark intelligence at Hogwarts & intending to escape notice, past secrets and Dark Lords force his hidden hand.

WIP. ~197,000 words.

Personal Note: A really interesting AU where the night of Oct 31 thing never happened. Lots of awesome politics and manipulations all around.

Dreams and Darkness Collide by Epic Solemnity

How different would Harry be if he was given a life without the expectation of saving the world? How different would he be if his hero-complex was still intact, but so twistedly dark, that he has to go through desperate means to hide it?

WIP. ~94,000 words.

Personal Note: I don’t quite know where to put this since it’s set post-Hogwarts, but the divergence came because Merope raised TMR so… yeah. Just read it.

— Pre-Triwizard Resurrection Divergence —

Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness by Athey

Through an accident Harry and Voldemort’s Horcrux begin to interact and Harry slowly begins to change. He becomes stronger & slowly grows aware of the sinister events that have perpetuated his entire life.

Complete w/ abandoned sequel. ~268,000 words for this part, ~243,000 for the sequel.

— Post-Triwizard Resurrection Divergence —

Ineluctability by BeatDobby

As their connection strengthens, Potter falls into Riddle’s possesion. However, the obvious isn’t exactly truth in this case.

Complete. ~65,000 words.

Personal Note: It’s a bit confusing, but once the plot gets going I enjoyed it.

Time Divergent (Harry is Born in Tom’s Time)

In Noctem by windwrites

After his parents’ deaths in 1927, Hadrian Peverell is adopted and taught the art of politics. Years later, as war looms on the horizon and his very identity becomes his greatest secret, Hadrian has no choice but to trust someone almost as dangerous as he himself: Tom Riddle. A story of love and loss. A story of power, and of one too great to seek it.

WIP. ~133,000 words.

Personal Note: Amazing political situation, great manipulations all around, a a very smart Harry.

The Snake and His Lion by iWannaPetYourPetPeacock

Harrison Evans is the Slytherin’s ‘pet lion.’ But what happens when one Slytherin forgets that only person Harry belongs to, is Tom Riddle?

Complete. ~14,000 words.

Personal Note: Harry is way OOC except in the ways it matters (aka, he’s still a good person). And Tom is very in love, even if he’s still a psychopath.

Time Travel

Hollow Thunder, Vital Lightning by Aariya07

Life after Voldemort is ideal and perfect for everyone except the one who made it possible. Unbelievably bored and unhappy, Harry performs a spell that will take him to an alternate universe where he can be happiest & active with Voldemort. Even he hadn’t expected the outcomes or how the spell would misinterpret his desires.

WIP. ~151,000 words.

Personal Note: Once the story gets going, it gets going SO WELL. Favorite HP/TMR story, definitely.

Again and Again by Athey

The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source.

WIP. ~223,000 words.

Personal Note: If I were to guess, I would say this story is what made HP/TMR very popular. Just guessing.

The Sanctuary by HuskyWalker

After losing everything and on the run, Harry will do anything to keep Teddy safe, even if it means to travel back in time. He hadn’t counted on their family growing, but Dark Lords, noisy old wizards, werewolves and much more keep uprooting his peace.

WIP. ~65,000 words.

Personal Note: Harry’s reactions don’t make sense at times, but over the story is great and I love the different ways the characters are brought in so far. Can’t wait for more.

Stand Against the Moon by Batsutousai

Cursed against his will, Harry made the best of his life until he found himself, again, wandering in Death’s realm. When Death offers him a second chance, a chance to right the wrongs he’d been blind to for too long, he can’t possibly refuse.

Complete. ~91,000 words.

Personal Note: If you don’t like it after the first chapter, stick around just a little longer and see. The one where Harry is the Alpha Lord destined to take over the world for magical creatures and Riddle is a conundrum.

The Vitruvian Man by Mistress Slytherin

Harry Potter is no longer an innocent child, war and violence have stolen it from him, but in a twist of fate he is given a second chance, what will he do with it?

Complete. ~85,000 words.

Personal Note: Starts out a bit strange and confusing, but I liked it by the end (I feel like I say that for a lot of HPLV stories, lol).

Alternate Universe (No Magic)

Rebuilt by Terrific Lunacy

After society as we know it collapsed, humanity struggled for survival. Slowly a new society begins to establish. Groups led by lords battle for territory. Young Harry Potter has no interest in joining local politics, but when a new lord with unconventional ideas sees the potential in his unique talents, can Harry remain neutral?

WIP. ~122,000 words.

Personal Note: A cool steampunk society with a sort of pack-based thing. Voldemort is still a bit insane but trying and I loved Harry. Also the plot is fascinating.

Pls I need fic recs of HPLV/HPTMR (preferred) that has dark!Harry or at least grey/dark-ish!Harry, or HPSS with preferrably dark!/grey!Harry but light will do too.  And if there’s smut, please, please NO top!Harry.  I can’t stand that shit haha. 

I need more stuff to read. ;n;  Doesn’t matter if you think that I might have read it before, list it anyway. Thanks guys c:

heya guys does anyone know any really really really good harry potter x tom riddle fanfiction that they don’t mind recommending?? in terms of really good like as good MayMarlow’s stuff on ao3 (u guys remember Pain au Chocolat on yeah her fics are on ao3 now!!)

anyway thank u darlings

This meme gave me the biggest crack plot bunny ever. Someone write it now!
Harry, not feeling that into the war runs away to the muggle world. Years later, Voldemort has taken over and though Harry is unaware since he’s never been back, the wizarding world is better than it’s ever been.
Anyway one day Harry goes in to Georgio Armani to get a suit fitted and runs into Voldemort.
HPLV ensues.
Do it my pretties! Gooooooooo!

Plague and Pestilence [reposted]

Title: Plague and Pestilence
Author: Fangworthy (formerly Seventh Pathogen)

Rating: M (Mature) / R.
Summary: A mysterious, incurable virus ravages Europe. Harry’s fear begins when he wakes up alone, sure that he is the sole survivor. His terror begins when he realizes that he isn’t.

Warnings: graphic violence, detailed depiction of disease/resultant death, suicide, major character deaths, eventual HP/LV slash.

After a lot of internal debate, I have decided to put this back up on I originally took down as a result of privacy concerns, but decided to give it another try by publishing under a different name. I’ve been pretty nervous about posting it, even after all of the edits I’ve made. I’ve uploaded up to chapter seven even though I am not entirely happy with it, and the eighth is in the process of being edited.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.