Ode to an Unsung Hero

Once so clumsy and shy
wandering lost with your toad
How unexpected for you to defy
Fate and Her heavy load
Over the years your courage grew strong;
Embarrassment turned to leadership
when a dark secret was unveiled
And so for you we’ll sing this song
For from her body did his Soul you rip
Your loyalty, strength and courage prevailed

Never again shall cheeks burn red
from harsh pranks of a bully
May your heart know not dread
Your intelligence and leadership finally free
from the klutz who loved only Trevor
For you, the unsung hero, we will sing
this song as powerful as the beast defeated
Once class dunce, the world now knows how clever
Neville Longbottom, our hero, can be - battling
for honor, now sung for like the hero he should be treated

Invisible Love

Your love was like the wind
I couldn’t see it but I felt it

Somedays you were subtle
Like the wind on days where
None of the leaves on the trees sway
But every once in a while, you could feel it lightly sweep across your face

Somedays your love was strong
And lifted me off my feet
Like how wind carries a kite
I felt like a kite
Your love surrounding me like a cold winter day
Causing me to feel invincible and free

But, on the days when we were not at our best
Your love was cold and icy
Almost like a thunderstorm
Piercing through every piece of me
Blowing away everything we had built together

Storms pass, as did this
You went back to being subtle

But I needed you
On the days where life got to hot and intolerable
Your love was there to keep me cool

Your love was like the wind
I may not have seen it but, I always knew that it was there


Trust is rare
Trust is a Delicacy
Trust is taken for granted
Trust is everything

Trust just can’t be given out like smiles, waves, or hugs
Trust can’t even be exchanged like money
Trust is deeper than that

Now just because trust can’t be handled like waves or money doesn’t mean it isn’t

People treat trust like a smile, wave or hug like it is something
That can be given to any person
They treat trust like its a frequent event
like trust is handed out on street corners

Or like money
They treat trust like it can be
Exchanged for goods
People will take trust and exploit it

That’s not how trust should be cared for
Trust is a connection
Not a smile not a wave it comes after that
It comes after the hand shake and the wave
After the exchange of names
Yes there is some trust in giving your name

But this trust is the deepest that can be given

This trust is special and can’t not be handled carelessly

This trust is the trust that you regret giving out
This trust is the trust you never thought you would share
the trust you didn’t even think you had to give
This trust comes after the name comes after everything
This trust is the trust you can’t
Take for granted
This trust is the trust that once you told that one person
You never want to hear it again
This trust it where your darkest secrets come out to play
This is where everything you have ever locked away in the dark
Can finally see the light
This trust is where everything that hurts can be relieved
This trust is where broken hearts can be mended
Where everything you have ever been afraid of can be overcame
This trust is where all the battles deep in your heart can be conquered
THis trust is where you can tell all and feel free

But do not
Make the mistake in giving this type of trust out to anyone.
Giving this trust out to anyone is a mistake
It Breaks hearts and ultimately ruins the trust
Trust is hard enough to give out
Trust is a treasure in disguise
And when giving it to anyone
They may not be able to see what it truly is and they may throw it away
They may Push it aside like it is nothing
So don’t give it out to anyone
Or you may never be able to give it out again.

I said before that this trust you regret giving out

That is because this trust is something you have ignored
It is something you felt you could never tell
Its been buried deep inside of you behind walls you have built for years
You never thought anyone could break them down
You never thought anyone would dig so deep
You never thought you would be the one to open yourself up and trust someone enough to let them know every single part of you
So, yes you will regret it as soon as it happens but you will never have felt so free & relieved
So cared for that someone would listen
That someone would care enough about you to adventure into your soul

This trust allows for that

So no you can not treat trust like money you can’t allow for it to be bought or exploited
You can’t treat it like a wave or a smile it shouldn’t be handed out like nothing

You treat trust like the treasure it is and allow it to be found by someone worthy
And when they finally make it
You give them the key.
And you allow yourself to finally be free.

If I told you to never leave me
Would you stay forever?

If I told you every secret
Would you keepthem forever?

If I told you to never hurt me
Would you love me better?

I ask these questions
Because when I think, of losing you
It is a fear that shakes my bones,
Grabs my soul and won’t let go
I can’t imagine being alone
You have showed me happiness I would have never known
So stay with me forever
Because a life without you is not worth living

If I told you my secrets
You’d have to lock them up
I do not easily trust
If my secrets got free
It would ruin me
To be able to trust someone with the most delicate of secrets is a beautiful thing
Trust is taken for granted
Do not take me or my trust for granted
Keep it safe
For it is valuable
It is irreplaceable
It is what holds our love together
So keep my secrets safely tucked in your heart
I trust you and trust is everything
For a life without trust is not worth living

Last but not least
Never hurt me
I have been hurt numerous times
Stabbed in the heart
And beaten down
Please be careful with me for I am fragile
But do not take my fragile state for a weakness
For I am very strong
My scars have healed
And I shall never forget all the people who hurt me
So never hurt me
I won’t forget you
And I will return the favor
So love me better at my lowest moments
Hold me together when I can barely keep myself up
Wrap your love around me in a protective barrier
And keep me safe from harm

For a life without your love is not worth living.


She knew pain
Pain was her best friend
Whenever she was alone the pain would creep in
Wrap it’s arms around her and pull her close
It would seep into her core, and destroy everything within
Feed off of her soul and drain everything that was good
Pain was her best friend
It took all that it could



There will be a person in my life
That’s will see past the things in me
I don’t like

There will be a person in life
That will see past everything in me that is broken, damaged and tainted

There will be a person in life that
will be able to find the real me
The deep me hidden behind all the Façades and fake happiness

There will be a person in life who will
Love me with every breath in their body
Who will take me as broken as I am
And mend me
Whose love will touch so deep down in my soul that it will bring the real me out for everyone to see

Until then I wait
I wait for this person
To set me free.

I have a new love
A fresh love
A love that never has been given away
A love still in the original packaging
A love never unwrapped and never used
Not a love that’s been given away, used and returned
Taken out of the package and fondled with
But, a love that has yet to be broken or damaged by the last keeper
A love that doesn’t have past memories of pain and heartbreak
A love so pure, beautiful, new and innocent
A love that can give its all,
because it hasn’t yet had anything taken away.


In the dark of the night
Is when you go soul searching
There is nothing to distract you
You are alone with your thoughts

In the dark of the night
You show your true colors
Everything you have packed deep down in your heart
Suddenly floats to the top

In the dark of the night
You are forced to face your worst
You are forced to face everything you are

In the dark if the night
You are forced to listen
To listen to the thoughts that fill the silence
The thoughts you have tried to keep quiet
But are now louder than ever before

In the dark of the night
You face reality
The reality that you are not
Who you thought you were
And you never will be


The Worst Nights

The worst nights are the nights where you can’t sleep
The nights where silence speaks louder than words
Where every thought you have is screaming at you

The nights where the loneliness really kicks in and you can’t help
But wonder
Why you are the way you are

Where the memories of everything you regret floods your mind
Causing you to drown all over again

Where you question everything you have ever done
Because what else is there to do
Besides face the fact that
Everything you are
Is everything you think about at night

Those are the worst nights

The Best Nights

The best nights are when the air isn’t to cold or hot
Where the wind is sweet and light like
Where the wind blows soft kisses on to your skin and caresses your body
so intimately

The best nights are when your mind isn’t clouded with horrible thoughts
But instead is free and clear
As if you were floating on a cloud of tranquility

The best nights are when it’s quiet
No thoughts
No birds
No outside noises
Just your own breathing
And the sound of the wind softly brushing against your skin

The best nights are when you can rest
When you can lay your head down
And feel the weight of the day lifted off of you
Where as soon as your body touches the sheets they pull you in and envelop your body
Wrapping you in a sea of comfort
Forming a protective barrier between you and reality

The best nights are when you can dream
Dream about the most loveliest people and places
And not worry about the unwanted visits of nightmares

The best nights are when you can go to sleep and not be at war with anything
Where you can lay your head down with a smile and wake up with a brighter smile

Yes, those are the best nights.


How many times?

How many times can you fall in love
And get hurt before
It’s impossible to ever love again

How many times can you make the same mistake
Before you realize that mistake is ruining you

How many times can your heart get trampled on
And destroyed before you take the time and realize you no longer have a heart

How many times can you be forgotten and ignored before you realize you were never there

How many times can someone hurt you before you realize you can’t take it anymore

How many times can you breakdown I mean completely lose it
until the point where it hurts to breath
Before you realize it’s killing you

How many times can you be alone
Before you realize that it isn’t temporary it’s forever.

How many times can you trust someone
And I mean tell them every fucking part of you
Every hidden passage of your life
And your heart
Every abandoned thought
Every horrible feeling
Every joyous and memorable moment
Every regret and mistake
Everything you’ve never spoken out loud
Every god damn thing that’s important
Before they use you, before they act like you were nothing
Before they take all of your secrets all that you kept bottled in
And throw them away like they were trash
How many times?

How many fucking times can you cry
Cry your self dry before your realize its fucking useless

How many times can you feel useless
Before you realize you fucking are

How many times can you be overlooked
Before you realize you are no ones first choice

How many times can you hurt
I mean really hurt the type of pain that you just can’t shake. Not physical.
The pain that’s deep in the pit of your stomach eating away at your soul.
The pain that grabs hold of your heart and injects itself everywhere
The pain you can not escape from
Before you realize that, that pain is part of you
There is no escape.

How many times ?