Random “About Misaki” post because most people don’t really seem to know what she actually does~!  Which I don’t honestly blame anyone for but myself xD

For starters, she’s a Head Maid, not just a regular maid~ shockingly enough there is a rather big difference! 

Being the head maid, Misaki doesn’t actually take care of the cleaning herself. Yes she cleans a lot at HPA, but that’s because it is more or less of a hobby of hers. Instead, she is a head maid, which is exactly what it sounds like, the maid in charge of the other maids, and often of other staff too! Therefore Misaki is in charge of the estate’s staff, the ‘second in command’ next to the estate’s owner! (However in Misaki’s case, she shares that rank with her employers personal butler, Giacomo.)

On top of being responsible for the estate’s staff, Misaki also takes care of party arrangements, business affairs, as well as other important meetings and conferences. So she’s got a looot on her plate. Any and all mistakes directly reflect on her.  

Also! Usually the people with these positions are much much older, and both Misaki and Giacomo have gotten into issues where now fired staff had issues with working under someone so much younger than themselves. Or had been straight up envious.

I hope that helps clear some things up! 

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