I’m really fucking sick of people telling me:

  • "You don’t have anxiety, you’re just shy.”
  • "You don’t have depression, you just feel sad sometimes.”
  • "You’re not autistic, you’re just different.”
  • "You don’t have OCD, you’re just a worrier.”
  • "You’re not asexual, you just haven’t met the right person yet.”

You have no idea what goes on inside my head and you have no idea how I feel. 

Secrets AU

Hunter did his best to clean his room since his father told him that they were having company and since they lived in a flat and the other rooms were occupied with Tony’s tools he would have to share his room with his half sister. They had never met before and Hunter was kinda ok with it, they were both not look alike and he just heard about her by what Tony said to others and Brenna looked like a pretty cool girl.
He looked around his room and nodded. “I think is done.” He walked out his room and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat when someone knocked the door.
"Answer it." Tony called from his office and Hunter just rolled his eyes. "Coming!" He answered and opened the door.