What happens when I watch too much of Sonic Boom...

At their front door, Sonic and Amy look very unimpressed at Eggman, who’s standing in front of a very large killer robot shaped present.

Eggman: So…

Amy: We’re not taking it Eggman.

Eggman: What?! Why not!

Sonic: Because Aurora does not need a killer robot as her first birthday present.

Eggman: You don’t know that it’s that!

Sonic: I can see claws and the rocket launcher on its shoulder.

Eggman: Stop being so judgemental.

Sonic: Its literally got the words “Killer Robot” embedded on its chest.

Eggman: That’s a typo.

Sonic: Get out.

Eggman: Look, I’m trying to help Aurora here. Can’t you see you’re limiting her potential?

Amy: What, by not getting her killed?

Eggman: No, by not allowing her to enjoy the wonders of science and technology. Think about all the experiences she could have, the fun she can have with her killer robot! Granted there might be some slight mutilation along the way, but hey, what’s childhood without some cuts and bruises.

Sonic and Amy still look very unimpressed.

Sonic: Look Eggman, I haven’t slept in several days, thanks to Aurora teething problems, so if you would try and attack us another day, that would be great.

Eggman: What if I was to tell that some of the “so called” rockets contained sleeping gas?

Sonic: Really? You think that’s going to that’s going to work Eggman? You really that that’s going to convince me to- how strong is that gas?

Amy: SONIC?!

Sonic: Hey, I just wanted to ask, that’s all.

Eggman: Yeah, Amy. Stop butting in. And hey look. Aurora is already interested.

Sonic and Amy look down to see Aurora crawling towards the robot, with her finger pointing towards it. Sonic quickly grabs Aurora, just as she touches the robot. The robot starts to shake violently, Sonic and Amy looking on with horror until the robot bursts open into scrap metal.

Eggman: Huh, guess I over did the hydraulics. Hey, you guys wouldn’t have a screwdriver by any chanc-?

Sonic and Amy: GET THE HELL OUT!!!


Characters from my animation class project “The Blade and The Throne”

Verissa, a sorceress elf and Princess Avella’s stepmother, betrayed the King and killed him. She was concerned with the welfare of the Kingdom because it was such in a state of tyranny, so she blamed and imprisoned Princess Avella for the murder of King Trevenand which gave her the power to restore the goodness of the kingdom by force. 

Avella later escaped with the help of Renva’ar, Zia, and Harrington; and took an oath to take back (and free) her kingdom from Verissa someday.

HI EVERYONE. Im gonig to queue this probably, but I made an OC blog!! you can rp with me here, send asks to my ocs, send fanart, ask about them, whatever!!

ill be posting character refs and general info here. please follow this blog!! my OCs are important to me and it encourages me to do more with them when people interact with them!!


Trying to determine which color coordination I should choose for Sherlock.

And I can’t seem to think of any good color schemes for him other than grey/browns….Does anyone have any suggestions?