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Santa Fe from the final Newsies performance on 8/24/14. I tried really hard to line up the shot… and then I missed Corey. Oh well.

Harry Potter Meme
  • One House : HufflePuff
  • While I absolutely love gryffindor, I’m defo 50% Hufflepuff too. I believe in their beliefs just as much as I believe in Gryffindor’s beliefs and I respect the hell out of Hufflepuff house. Cedric Diggory is one of my favourite characters ever and I loved reading about him in GOF and I was sad to see him go.

"Today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. Cedric Diggory was, as you all know, exceptionally hard working, infinitely fair-minded, and most importantly, a fierce, fierce friend. Therefore, I feel you have the right to know exactly how he died. You see, Cedric Diggory was murdered, by Lord Voldemort. The Ministry of Magic does not wish me to tell you this. But not to do so I feel would be an insult to his memory. Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, and, reminds us, that though we may come from different countries and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. In light of the recent events, the bonds of friendship made this year will be more important than ever. Remember that, and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain. You remember that, and we’ll celebrate a boy who was kind, and honest, and brave, and true. Right to the very end. “

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