sometimes i think about the fact that draco malfoy was the master of the elder wand but he didn’t even know like ??? did he get anything out of it later ??? could he put it on his resume ??? did he make a t shirt that said ‘i was once the master of the most powerful wand in existence and all i got was this lousy t shirt’ and on the back it said ‘fuck you harry potter’ ??? maybe he starred in the wizarding world’s equivalent of a reality tv show revolving around the fact that he just bitches all day about the fact that he was wielder of this magnificently powerful wand AND IT WOULD BE NICE IF SOMEONE TOLD ME SCORPIUS GET FATHER ANOTHER FIREWHISKEY and aside from that it’s basically keeping up with the kardashians with magic ??? these are very important questions


And I don’t want to live that way
Reading into every word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn’t catch you hung up on
            somebody that you used to know…

This song came on again and I was thrown back a few years because I associated it a lot with the breakdown of Snape and Lily’s friendship. (it’s… just a really resonant, bitter and sad song, and works just as well for the falling out of a friendship imo)

It’s probably pretty obvious what this is referencing aka I’m a hack who only ever parodies songs from pop culture g o o d b y e

Following Spree 2.0

So I did one of these when I first made my blog but it’s been about a month and I want to follow more people!! So….if you post about any of the following fandoms/people/ships, reblog/like this post or follow me (emmy-the-fangirl-murray), and I’ll follow you!!

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I’m probably forgetting some, but if I think of any others I’ll add them!! Happy following!!