[draco malfoy voice] hermione granger?? filthy little—[trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of hermione spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking know-it-all I these aren’t mine I’m just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen I just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of hermione scatter across the floor] shit fuck I’m holding them for a friend just listen

i mean to be honest i thought the whole of the harry potter series was building up to a big huge moment about the lines between symbols of traditional good and evil ultimately becoming blurred and there being no way to completely define yourself as one or the other because almost everybody has characteristics of both and different moral upbringings but instead the slytherins just got sent to the dormitories

ϟ 131) When Hugo was fourteen, he drafted a proposal for the creation of an LGBT+ club at Hogwarts, citing all the reasons it was necessary. He gave it to his mother to proofread and when she got to the end of the ten pages, she saw he’d scribbled “oh yeah and also because I’m gay” at the bottom. Hermione made sure that club was up and running in less than a week. Ron wanted to be president, until Hermione reminded him how impossible that was considering he was not, in fact, a student.

  • Orion Black:I want to give our son a unique name.
  • Walburga Black:Orion honestly, I understand that the Black family uses planets and stars, but can't we just call him Jacob?
  • Orion Black:Absolutely not. Let's name him Aries.
  • Walburga Black:We're not naming him Aries.
  • Orion Black:Jupiter.
  • Walburga Black:What- No-
  • Orion Black:Mars?
  • Walburga Black:We're not naming him after a planet, Orion! You can't be serious!
  • Orion Black:
  • Walburga Black:What?
  • Orion Black:
  • Walburga Black:Oh- NO! No no no-
  • Orion Black:I can't be serious.
  • Walburga Black:Orion I will leave you-
  • Orion Black:BUT HE CAN