ATTENTION: Plagiarism Alert

This post is for anyone who has written fanfiction, read fanfiction, or respects writer integrity.

In a review and an ask, it had come to my attention that someone under the penname “PancakesAndCookies” on the website Asianfanfics had plagiarized one of my stories. Naturally, I googled him, and at first, I was really confused because a) I couldn’t recognize any of the titles, and b) it was a completely different fandom to PJO. Anyways, I checked it out, just in case, and I found that one of my fics had been copied word for word, with names and genders changed. While i was looking through, I recognized the summary for a another fic that I had read to be maydayparade8123‘s.

I scanned through all his fics, recognizing them as copied word for word writing by lots of lovely authors on this website and I ran a plagiarism check, and was presented with lots of results. The links to the plagiarized and original fics are listed below, as well as the original authors.

The reason this is a big deal because this asswipe has been stealing our hard work and has been taking credit for it, and is being praised for stolen work. 

PancakesAndCookies is a serial plagiarizer.

Plagiarized trash is on the left, the original author and creds are on the right. 

Don’t Deserve You | An Unorthodox Proposal by Atruwriter (HP;

Jealousy | Just Go Ahead Now by maydayparade8123 (PJO;

Whipped I It’s Just Easier This Way by somethingmorecreative1 

Top or Bottom | Top Or Bottom? by a-writer-of-things (Pitch Perfect;

6 o’clock news | So Just Stall Me by maydayparade8123 (PJO;

Newspaper | From Him by maydayparade8123  (PJO;

On or Off? | Her Yoga Pants by somethingmorecreative1 (PJO;

Third Date A Moment In Time by 1ooo-w0rds (PJO;

To Fill The Gap | To Breathe Easy by maydayparade8123   (PJO;

Hickeys and Questions | Of Hickey’s And Questions by somethingmorecreative1   (PJO;

Your Turn | We’ve Made This Dream by maydayparade8123 (PJO;

Mild Fascination | Walk This Way With Me by maydayparade8123   (PJO;

Style | Kisses by anonof5puns  (PJO;

Typical Things | Running ‘Round This River Town by maydayparade8123 (PJO;

Yearbook Pictures Part 1,  Part 2I’m Going To Die by bellalou5  (PJO;

Tell Me | Dream VS Reality by reynaarellapple  (PJO;

Hangovers and Cursive R’s | Drunk on You by seawedebrain (me) (PJO;

Chase | Your Hand In Mine by maydayparade8123  (PJO;

I was particularly disgusted by his plagiarism, due to content of the author’s notes left by him. 

Kisses was called “UNREVISED AND TOTAL AND UTTER CRAP. ” and  “ short piece of crap”.

Just Go Ahead was called “extremely rushed and unrevised. Enjoy the total crappiness )

There were others too (Drunk On You was called “bleh and totally illogical”  and Her Yoga Pants was called “rushed and plotless”)

Nearly every story he copied was insulted. This person is not only a plagiarizing asshole, he’s also a completely disrespectful and rude douchebag who repeatedly insults the work from the writers he copies from.

Even if you’re not from any of the fandoms or have read any of the original stories, REBLOG THIS. The report function is virtually useless on that website, but spread the wordDON’T LET ANYONE EVER GET AWAY WITH PLAGIARIZING AND INSULTING OTHER PEOPLE’S WORK.

These authors work so incredibly hard writing these stories, and this is is unacceptable. Plagiarism is atrocious, please do not support this “writer”, please make sure others are aware of this. 

Note: All but four of the stories on this person’s profile were plagiarized. For this reason I’m assuming those four have been copied too, but I couldn’t find anything from the plagiarism checks on them. I’m posting the link below, so if you recognize them, please add the original fic link and author creds in, or send me an ask and I’ll do it. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


“I knew it! I knew it!”
“Are we allowed to speak yet?” said Ron grumpily. Hermione ignored him.
“Nicolas Flamel,” she whispered dramatically, “is the only known maker of the Philosopher’s Stone!”
This didn’t have quite the effect she’d expected.
“The what?” said Harry and Ron.
“Oh, honestly, don’t you two read? Look — read that, there.”