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Xoe flagged my mom. 😕 #howWasYourWeekend

Took a short road trip up to Brooklyn for the 2014 #AfroPunk festival with my Shawty Lo! This festival took a small piece of me and made it better! All the beautiful creative people embracing their individuality!! I loved every piece of it! I almost thought I was in heaven Lol! Along the way I discovered a new band called #SidewalkChalk from Chicago who were pretty fuckin awesome!! Finally got to see @justsza perform! Lord I love her and her hair and her freckles! She’s so dope! ☺️Checked out another band #LoLaWolf who’s lead singer just so happened to be FUCKING ZOE KRAVITZ!! 😱 And last but definitely not least, I got to see my Baes #theinternet 😊😍@intanetz I Stan for them so hard!! I don’t have to explain I think y’all already know!! Too bad I missed D’Angelo and our DMV Native Meshell Ndegeocello’s performance!! A great Sunday in deed! #Howwasyourweekend #mineswasfantastic

How was your weekend?

Hey everybody!

This weekend my husband Jonus, my friend Hillary and I went to Philly to visit our good friends from the Peace Corps, Meaghan and Daniel. The Peace Corps is a US government volunteer organization that does international development in countries that ask for volunteers. We volunteered in Costa Rica.

We drove to Philly on Friday evening. When we arrived, Meaghan and Daniel gave us a tour of their pretty new house and then we went out for dinner and drinks.



On Saturday, we went on a Beer Tour of Philly (! We started early, at 11 am, and rode a bus called “The Craft Beer Express” to many different bars and brewpubs.  We were able to spend time in many different neighborhoods in Philly and at each bar we tried a different beer!

On Sunday morning we walked around beautiful Fairmount Park.

On both Saturday and Sunday the weather was amazing, between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. We had an awesome weekend!

- Nicole

How was your weekend?

I had the most amazing weekend! I went upstate to Upper Jay, NY with a big group of friends. We stayed in an old Victorian manor in the Adirondack Mountains, which were very scenic and covered with snow. We spent the weekend hiking and cross country skiing as well as sipping on whiskey and playing music. :-)

The Adirondack Mountains are about a 5 hour drive north of New York City and I really recommend going there for a little vacation if you have a car! It’s very easy and pretty cheap to rent a house to stay in. Check out to find nice places! Also, if you have any questions about where to go on the weekend to see some beautiful nature, you are welcome to ask me or any of the other teachers!

Here are some pictures of our house and our hike in the forest!

- Emily