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I don't do these things, but I like this chick's blog so yeah.

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1. How many times a day do you wish people would shut up?

At least 11.

2. Left or Right handed? Right.

3. Would you rather have a long, whip-like tail or a glorious, lush mane? I’d rather have a glorious, lush tail, like a Lassie dog. But since that’s not an option, I guess I’d go with whip-like tail.

4. If you doodle, what do you usually draw? Weird things. Like animals dressed as people. Or self-portratis.

5. If having sex with the most heinous, awful, horrific person would result in world peace, but you had to rebang them every month to make it stick and had to listen to them spout their disgusting hatred would you do it? Yes.

6. What’s your sleep number? (Mine’s Tom Hiddleston, answer this however you like) 69.

7. Do you know how to change a tire? I’m helpless.

8. Do you have a security blankie? Or stuffed animal? Or something. Yep. Stuffed elephant named Eddy that I’ve had since I was born. Eddy da Edephant.

9. Do you have a show or album or something you put on and just play in the background to relax? It’s called Netflix.

10. What is your favorite book? Anything Tolkien.

11. Will you be my friend? (That’s a joke. If you’re following me I already consider you my friend. Deal with it.) Done & done.

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A description of my Indiegogo project to bring high dynamic range panoramas of Japan to the Creative Commons

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Singing a love letter I wrote about 10 months ago.…g-love-letters

My Dearest Love,
The days without you are deserts of dry and dusty heat. The bright sun of your absence burns my body and threatens to turn my heart to ash. Oh, but to be in the embrace of your eyes again, those deep pools of sweet and chilling waters - I dream of it. How I long for the calming cool of your touch, that blessed shade in this world of harsh, searing, light.
Rescue me from the torment of the dust and the dry, the heat and the light, this world of endless fire. Let me lay down my head in your deep shadows and lap greedily at your waters. Let me swim, and roll, and play, tucked away from the harsh light of the world in the depths of your shade. You are my oasis of cool and calm, always.
Time without you is torture. Aye, it is true that in this, Death has given me his pain, but not his release. I would weep, but my tears are ripped away by the fire of this world before they can leave me eyes. I would cry out, but my throat is dry and raw. Only my oasis, only you, can be my salvation.
My Love, please send me hope. Tell me that I will be graced by your shade once again. Tell me that my oasis in this burning world still waits for me. Tell me that I will be within your shadows soon.
In deepest hope against despair, your love always,