Yarn Braids or Twist

Choose a matching color of yarn that will blend in seamlessly with your own natural hair color. Take your yawn out of its packaging and measure how long you would like your yarn braids to be. Make sure to add enough length so that you will be able to properly make a closure at the end of your braids without harming your own natural hair. Once you have determined how long you want your braids to be cut the yarn to your desired length. Evenly cut your yawn and neatly place what you need in a clean work space. Yawn braids should always be done on clean freshly washed and detangled hair before proceeding. 

Divide your hair in 6 small sections using hair clips and began styling your hair from the back working your way up. Spray each section of your hair with a leave in conditioner spray to make your hair softer and more manageable to style.Gather two pieces of yarn equal in size and place the center loop of the yarn close to the middle of your scalp underneath one section of your hair. Pulling your hair through the center of the root, grasp your hair and the yarn tightly together as one. At this point you are ready to begin the braiding process. Divide the yarn and your hair into 3 sections and begin neatly braiding the gathered hair and yarn. Position your head in a stiff downward moment so that your braids will be even and straight. If you are going for the twisted look simply braid your hair about one inch down from your scalp and proceed to twist and braid your ends. Once you have finished your braid take a lighter and begin to close up the loose ends. Be very careful to only burn the ends and not your natural hair. If you aren’t comfortable with using a lighter use small rubber that blend into the yarn and fasten up your ends. 

How to care for your natural hair while wearing yarn braids:

Take at least a 1-2 ounces of shampoo and pour it into a bottle and mix it with water, then shake it up and, dump the bottle of diluted shampoo on to your scalp making sure to get in between your tracks or braided hair. 

You want to be careful not to rough the hair up to much or scrunch it going forward to reduce breakage and frizz. In a downward motion gently massage in the shampoo mixture, then rinse it out. The next step will be to condition your hair using the same diluted method, then rinse. Washing and conditioning your braids should be done at least once a week. In between washes or co-washes you can use sea breeze, witch hazel, or apple cider vinegar on a Qtip to swipe your scalp clean. Always make sure that your hair is fully dry to avoid bacteria from forming into mildew on your hair and scalp. Once your hair is fully dry apply your oils or hair butters using a small amount.