Agathe- protection, confidence, strength

Amazonite- psychic, communication, self-esteem, integrity, trust

Amber- purification, calming, energizing

Amethyst- psychic, meditation, spiritual, sobriety, abundance

Aquamarine- courage, communication, inner peace, power

Aventurine- success, creativity, prosperity

Azurite- psychic awareness, meditation, intuition

Bloodstone- centering, grounding, calming

Calcite- intensity, creativity, prosperity, amplifies energy

Carnelian- creativity, courage, protection

Chalcedony- emotional stability, lessen hostility, kindness

Citrine- success, abundance, good luck, power, will power, courage

Diamond- enhances love, tight relationships

Emerald- love, communication, truthfulness

Fluorite- peace, organization, development, protection

Garnet- self confidence, regeneration, love

Hematite- mental organization, stability, calming, grounding

Howlite- calming, awareness, good for travel

Jade- love, fidelity, generosity, abundance

Jasper- gentleness, comfort, relaxation

Lapis lazuli- truthfulness, inner power, organization, protection, writing

Moonstone- hope, intuition, psychic abilities

Obsidian- protection, grounding, remove negativity

Onyx- protection, stabilizing, grounding

Opal- inspiration, imagination, creativity

Pearl- calming, centering, purity

Pyrite- intelligence, mental ability, logic

Ruby- happiness, prosperity, integrity

Sapphire- intuition, psychic protection, creative expression, meditation

Selenite- mental clarity, decision making, flexibility

Sodalite- logic, rationality, stimulates thought

Sunstone- good fortune, abundance, leadership, helps with fear

Tiger’s eye- self-confidence, protection, grounding

Topaz- release tension, balance, protection

Tourmaline- compassion, channeling, flexibility, protection

Turquoise- abundance, communication, calming, honesty



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This is The Underwold Shaman. He travels between the underworld and our world all the time, talks to non material beings and guide them from one world to another. This Shaman is very calm and humble. He spends a lot of time on the shore staring at the water and listening to the whispers from ocean spirits. 

27cm (10 inches) tall. Details are cast in resin. His body is handsewn and has high quality ball socket armature inside, so you don’t have to worry that the armature will snap or break. This doll is well balanced, can stand on its own, fully posable, head, hands and feet can be rotated.

His eyes are made of glass and created by my friend and awesome glassblower Natalie Amber.

His charm is made of resin pigeon skull replica made by Skullery ( ) dyed acai seeds and dyed howlite beads. His cloth and arm bandages are made of leather, tied up with hemp cord. On his belt he wears beached norwegian coin, fossilised shark tooth, piece of calcite, decorated with wooden beads. 

Each one of my dolls comes with a wooden tag signed and dated proofing that this is an original doll made by Remjie.

Attention! This is a piece of art. Not a toy for small children. Completely handmade, one of a kind.