Of course these are going to be the first pictures I go through. I literally fell out of my chair when Posey walked out on stage wearing the hoodie I made for him.

I cannot even believe it. I thanked him so many times afterwards and I’m sure he thought I was a crazy person, but he was just so outstandingly sweet and genuinely kind and excited. I’m so blown away.

I never, in a million years, expected him to do that.

I’m still beaming like an idiot.


It came. It’s here. It’s mine.

And it’s perfeeect.

Spreadshirt said they ran big, so I went for the medium, and it’s not too big and not too short, and it’s nice and fleecy inside and therefore ridiculously comfy.

It also came in like a week, so thanks so much to rustypolished!! 😍


Hey guys! Spreadshirt is having a 20% off all items sale going on, so I figured I’d let you know! 

All you have to do is use the code ‘Money20' and it'll apply. This is going on until the 14th!

I get asked a lot if I do promo codes or anything for the hoodie store and the answer is - I absolutely would if I could but unfortunately that is 100% in Spreadshirt’s hands so the best I can do is to make announcements whenever they run a sale. They haven’t done one in a while.

Also I made a Coach hoodie! I may or may not do a ‘Finstock’ variant but I kind of thought it was more in character for him to want his own team hoodie to have his title on it. IDK!

Hoodies are available here!

  • Angeline
  • Howlies
  • Trippin' With Howlies (Promo Copy)

Howlies / Angeline

So a little bit of a story why I posted this song on here, here it goes. You see my buttmunch sent me an email, just the typical sappy I miss you stuff. Then he goes on and mentions how he got all bored and started searching ‘Angeline’ on the web and he said to “my surprise there’s quite a few songs about you huh.” There’s “Angeline my blond sex machine” Well I’m not blonde, and most certainly not a sex machine, and another song he found was Sweet Angeline by Elvis, but he wanted something upbeat and so when he heard this song, he knew it was that one song he can always listen to when he missed me. (Which according to him was everyday, believe me I have no idea what he’s talking about either.)