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Imagine Steve sketching the Howling Commandos and eventually them finding out

Steve draws Dum Dum and Bucky together first. He’d noticed Dum Dum and Bucky’s closeness near the beginning, and how Dum Dum always looked out for Bucky, saving him food and making sure he was warm enough when he went to sleep. So he draws them together, Bucky curled up and looking tiny under Dum Dum’s thick jacket, and Dum Dum with a pipe next to him, the smoke curling out.

Next, he draws Morita, draws him laughing at something Gabe has said, some dirty joke that can’t be repeated. His eyes are bright and his neck is long and Steve tries to capture the shake of his shoulders.

Gabe is difficult to draw without colors because he is such a vibrant person. Steve wants to capture the shine of his skin after drills, and the way his chest rises and falls as he tries to catch his breath, how his hazel eyes and long eyelashes frame his expressive face.

Dernier needs to be drawn next to fires and explosions, sparks that light up his face and cast warm, orange shadows along his cheekbones. He sketches him with the beginnings of a bomb in his hands, something filled with wires and soot, a manic set to his grin.

Monty he draws laughing as he plays cards, wanting to capture the levity of his men. He’s got a cigar dangling from his mouth, stolen from Bucky, who has a sour look on his face. 

He draws Bucky constantly anyway, but one of his favorites has to be a dark sketch he’d drawn of him smoking next to the a campfire, the sharp jut of his cheekbones dark with shadows, the glitter of his blue eyes dark and dangerous. 

He leaves his sketchbook out in Bucky’s tent at some point, having been called for a meeting with Colonel Phillips. When he comes back, the Commandos are looking through it, and Bucky looks up, a little smile on his face. “Art school really missed out on you.” Steve feels warm, sitting down on the ground to watch them and sketch some more.

I’m going to a small local con this weekend as Howl. I wasn’t certain I was going to have my jacket in time, so I made a little Calcifer. Just in case. Super-easy. Orange loofah and felt. And he’s sitting on a dustpan because I thought, if I don’t get my jacket, I’ll show up with my black hair, puffy white shirt, the jewelry, and pretend I’m moving house with Calcifer in hand.

I wonder if Phil is ever upset that Dan has more subscribers than he does even though he was the one that brought Dan into youtube.

But then I remember that Phil is a ray of sunshine and I’m sure he does not think like that.

Oh how I love Phil Lester