Adding Rose to the end of any name = THE ULTIMATE frilly name. Any name can be made frilly when paired with Rose. Like Eunice Rose. Prudence Rose. Bertha Rose. … hm, maybe not.

ALSO SHE SHALL HAVE RINGLETS when i figure out how to draw not-crappy ringlets lol 

This is Lavender Fennec Fox for Reine’s In Fake Light Project

When alive is name was Keith Coven. He was a timid boy that always hid behind his scarf, even in hot weather. At the age of 12 he and his family went on a trip through Africa during their summer vacation. While on a trip through the Sahara a sudden dust storm kicked up and separated him from his family. Lost in a forgotten city, Keith decides to sit and wait in hopes that his parents find him. Sadly they never find him and he slowly passes under the desert heat.

Having died in the Sahara, Keith becomes a Fennec fox. Fennec foxes are usually high energy and social creatures. Perhaps had Keith been more like the  fennec fox he would have survived instead of passing in their home.

The lavender color represents the shy and delicate side of him that is often characterized as being feminine. His giant ears which perhaps I should have made bigger show off his fennec fox side. 

Other colors (trying to stick with pale blues and purples): 

  • Hair, Strawberry blonde
  • Jersey, Navy blue and white
  • Scarf, Lavender also? Periwinkle? 
  • Ears and skin, Cream
  • Shorts, Cadet blue

Sorry it’s not actually colored, I don’t have my tablet. I might be able to grab some colored pencils tomorrow? lol whatafail

I wanted to bring something different to the table. As far as I know there weren’t really any children in the world. Also it’s kinda difficult to say in a way where he belongs. He died because he got separated so that was an accident, but he also just sat there so its almost like a suicide. 

CHUGGIN ALONG. Like a train. A train that occasionally breaks into a mixed giggle-sob and says “I can’t believe I spent the last five days doing this”.

Turns out I had also forgotten what Rodrick Hahn looks like, and had to basically reinvent his face from what it was in the sketch. Kind of like plastic surgery I guess.

I’ve also come to terms with the fact that it’s not Dietrich’s hand that’s the problem, but his whole other arm. It’s so… it’s so limp. wtf did i do that for.

i should probably actually start on next week’s page, too. i don’t think it’ll fly if i say something like “Sup! Sorry, no page this week, I spent all of my time drawing something for no reason other than to draw it”.

PROGRESS. sure is… blue.

ngl, i basically forgot exactly how lukas baecker is supposed to look wtf. it took me literally like two minutes before i realized “oh yeah, like a blond achen”.

still don’t like dietrich’s hand. i should probably, you know. fix that.

Oh and that little “wow” was me laughing at how horribly Hanna’s arms were drawn in the original draft. I basically can’t draw arms. I’m not even entirely sure I know what an arm is.