protester and police officer au. deancas. v short. have at it.

Castiel can remember the last time he saw Dean Winchester. He sees it as clear as though it were streaming in front of him on small strips of film. They’d been in high school then. Young and dumb, that’s how Cas would describe the way they’d been. 

Things were different now. Things were bigger. He had changed. He stood for different things. And that had never been more obvious than now; than the moment where he stood face-to-face with his past, with Dean Winchester; the boy with the military upbringing who had never been able to see himself doing anything but helping people. 

Cas stood, his arms interlocked with the people beside him. People he hadn’t known before today when they’d both decided to march down the black asphalt of New York City. And Dean was in front of him, a bullet-proof vest over his chest and a mask of plastic between their eyes as thick and impenetrable as the four years that had passed since they’d last seen each other. 

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when dean realized he loved cas