they’re not super high quality pictures but they make me happy anyway

the signs and what they’re most addicted to

Aries: Moving around or looking for a thrill
Taurus: Tequila
Gemini: Talking
Cancer: Love
Leo: Weed & throwing temper tantrums
Virgo: Making something out of nothing
Libra: Coffee (every one of you.)
Scorpio: Shopping (for real, how do you even have money left?)
Sagittarius: One night stands
Capricorn: Studying
Aquarius: Cigarettes and socializing
Pisces: Gambling; casino-wise or the silly “bet i wont wear this hat tomorrow.”

anonymous asked:

Why do you hate white people so much?

first of all ya ingnant as fuck if you think I actually hate white people. second of all even if I DID how could you blame me for real?? when I have to unlearn toxic bullshit lies about myself ingrained in me by a society that tells me that I aint shit? when there are white girls out there right now sucking on shot glasses trying to get the “hilarious big lips” that I’ve had my whole life and got ridiculed for? when there are people like igloo australia and kylie jenner stealing black culture and getting famous for it, proving that white people only like things coming from other white people?? when I periodically get messages from slimy white men confessing that they fetishize me because I’m black?? when white americans continually (this means you) benefit from the white supremacist society they built off of countless black bodies?? when people like you come to my ask box tryna makes ME the bad guy? Tryna say that I’m over reacting and being hateful when PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING AT THE HANDS OF PSYCHOTIC WHITE MEN WHO ARE SUPPOSEDLY SUPPOSED TO PROTECT US?? 


Rough take speaking Thauma’s lines you made. (Wasn’t using good mic and need to to get more inflection from Disagea but I thought you’d find it amusing nontheless!)


This is AMAZING. She sounds so feisty omg. When Wishy starts adding dialogues and stuff I’ll make sure you voice my baby. Thanks :v