[[I really need to nail down Sell’s dialogue. Sometimes I write him like “Heya there fella! How ya doin’ on this fine day!” and sometimes I write him “I say, this truly is a most fortuitous happenstance!”]]

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how ya doin (acoustic) // little mix

this is legitimately one of the most amazing things i’ve ever heard- they’ve COMPLETELY reworked it, the harmonies are incredible, they’re all on point individually, they scat in it (!!!!!!!), jesy’s beatboxing is perfect as always and the breakdown at the end is frickin RIDIC. and most importantly they sound like they’re having the time of their lives- something about little mix that makes me flail like a dying seal is how much they just love to sing- you can hear it in their voices when they nail one of their harmonies, on a particularly smooth slide or when- y’know what? i’m not even gonna talk about it just LISTEN.


They are so freakin talented i cant breathe